Saturday, January 19, 2013

Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong - Penang

Hey Guys!
I had the opportunity to visit Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong the other day. If you guys are not sure where it is, it is at the new E&O development, just behind the Penang - Island Plaza. The housing development there is call Sri Tanjung Pinang, and the famous Breeza condo by UDA housing project is located there too! 

Real Estate and housing/ property prices here ranges around RM1.7 - 5 mil (landed property). I'm sure you can imagine the exclusivity of the area zoning here =.0

(I didnt managed to take any pictures of the real estate/ property here tho)

So anyway, I had the chance to explore my camera and decided to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery! I hope you enjoy my shots as I did ^^
Comfortable walkways for patrons to walk by the sea

Panoramic view of Straits Quay
The stage area!
This is the area (the Straits Quay stage area) where all the live performnces and entertainment are found. During New Year's Eve, Christmas and other big celebrations, it will usually be jammed packed with people, all waiting to party!

A view of the side of the ship yard, CNY decos already?!

Another view of the staging area: panoramic style!

Owners feel safe keeping their boats and yacht here!
Owners really pride themselves and are comfortable keeping their boats and yacht here! While sipping a cup of espresso from Starbucks or having a beer from the Irish bar, they can keep an eye and also their friends eye on their beloved!
One of the entrances from the building towards the sea area

I like their design!! Very colonial and heritage "feel"

Enjoy a slice of cake and coffee at Secret Recipe cafe!

I love this pic! Its the reflection and the mood settings
Ah, such a nice picture! My personal favorite! I guess that's why most tourist and visitors from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Alor Setar all come to Penang, to see and behold such beautiful sights! Definitely one of the main highlights! 

Dining areas, beautifully done :) [ cant seem to recall what is the proper description for this areas] :S

Another picture from the same settings! I seem to cant get enough! Lol
Yeah, im a sucker for pictures such as this ^^
Chinese New Year Decorations! Nice!!
When malls start to put up Chinese New Year Decorations, I realize time just seems to go and move too fast!
See? they have liveable units above the commercial cafes!

Beware of wild cyclist!
Haha, i'm just joking. We have to be aware tho that there are cyclist, (and there is a sudden boost of cyclist in Penang Island - especially) that will be having their cycling activities around this premises, so we need to be aware of them for both the safety of both parties. 
Beautiful leaves, such a mood setter!

The grand entrance! ~ The management of Straits Quay set up CNY stage already i see?
The management of Straits Quay really keeps a close eye to detail and the maintenance of the image of the place. Bravo and keep it up guys!
Beautiful sky!! Such a good sight to behold before the end of day!
Ahhh, Yes.....what a great day! I hope I will be able to get the chance to take more pictures here next time! :)


  1. Are you completely oblivious to the fact that you are in a fanatic muslim country?!

  2. hi there, yes I am aware I live in a Muslim country, but please dont let all the news about the unrest bother you. Most of us are peace loving, kind and harmonious...unlike the political scene. Don;t confuse us with that. We are nothing of that sort.
    Good day :)


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