Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prangin Mall, Penang

Okay today I am going to show you about Prangin Mall, Penang! Prangin Mall is the place to go if you are looking for various special and unique tools and gadgets that you can't get at other malls in Penang.

There are various shops for:-
1. IT (Internet Technology)
2. Clothings & accessories (street wear, sports, utilities)
3. Food (local delights, tidbits, Asian food)
4. Cinema (airing local and international films)
5. Ect....

Fashion for sale @ Prangin Mall!

Check out these street wear, for especially the younger generation! Attractive prices with latest street wear fashion
Here's something for the guys!

"Genaration Y" is in the house! Most of the customers here go for the K-pop or J-pop look!
(and here's something for the ladies)

Okay now let's check out some accessories!
(Cheap and good eh? Good for birthday presents for highschoolers 😁)
Well if you were to walk around some more, there are tons of other things you can find!
This time I didn't manage to stroll down the I.T section, but let's leave that for another time and place...and oh! They even dedicated the ground floor for mobile phone sales and services! Look at all those kiosk!
Wow, I guess I didn't have the chance to complain that i cannot get and food or drinks around here when i feel thirsty or hungry because there are just shops after shops, everywhere! (for those who are new to Penang or just haven't been here for a while, or even the local people...if you like asam asam, there are shops awaiting your arrival to purchase their goodies! )
Well, that's all for now! Till my next post...Good Bye for now! 🍺✌

Monday, February 20, 2012

Campbell Street Mall, Penang

I am at Campbell street mall, the street of wholesale of cloths, clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and handy utilities! The streets here is bursting in color with so many merchants awaiting customers from near and afar to come and see what goodies they have in store for them!

Komtar! The pride of Penang Island

What I like about this place is that there are just so many things to choose from! But do remember that this street is also a big attraction in the tourist market, and is listed as one of the "must see" area for visiting tourist. So do remember, please ask for discounts especially when purchasing in "bulk".

Ahhh....here we are at the famous "Boon Wah" for textile! Here there are various types such as :-

  1. Lace

  2. Silk

  3. Schon

  4. Chinese brocade

please do ask for a discount from the owner "Ah Kok". He speaks fluent english, mandarins, cantonese and I think some bahasa Malaysia as well.

Here, "Boon Wah" is located at the corner area along Campbell Street and Jalan Pintal Tali (also known as Rope Walk St.). This area is famous for its previous activities where ropes made of coconut husk fabrics used to be woven here. The ropes that were delivered by handcarts and bullocks to the port as a means of logistic to transport to transfer the "goods" we're used for mooring ships.
This area is also famous for its Teow chew secret societies (gangsters) that used to run the streets here. Here local merchants pay them protection fees to keep their business running smoothly without any disturbance of petty crime and other secret societies. These Chinese gangsters take control of Georgetown as this was the prominent business area, before our current Gurney Plaza Shopping mall that youngsters and the young-at-heart "hang out" today.

Okay that's all for now, Mike signing off!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Penang?

Penang has been my hometown, the tropical paradise island that currently stands as one of the "top 10 "MUST" destinations" of Asia.

Here, stands a diversified multiracial community of people, who have interwoven their interest and culture. This brings variety in lifestyle and living interest in a society of multicultural race.

This means everyone on the island enjoys a vast variety of food, dance, culture, tradition, mannerism, and color.

I hope that with this blog, i can share some of my views about this wonderful place.

Michael Cheong