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RE: Good table to understand and to be effective in the usage of the English Language

Ahoy there!

English lesson time!
So whole browsing the world wide web, i have stumbled upon a very useful, practical table that could help all of us in the usage of the English language
Yes, you may think you are a pro (professional) and have no need to use such tables or reference. In that case, you may just skip this post and check others out.

This is for people like myself who still think that there is a lot of improvements to be made of our usage of the English language. (Especially the usage of the past, present tenses) Here is the table..enjoy!

Use these tables to understand and master English tenses!

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WARNING: Consipracy behind missing flight MH370 - to be taken like "a pinch of salt" only

Alright Alright,
I have just stumbled across a very interesting post on prominent social media site: Facebook
It tells a tale of a conspiracy theory on the missing airplane / flight of MH370

I was really interested because conspiracy theories in such situations sometimes tells us more than what meets the eye.

These theory did not come from any sort of credible sources nor any identified speaker...to me, this is just an opinion (whether lost or not, I can't say for sure). The allegations of the writer are just to humongous to be even comprehended or even to be suggested and overloaded to the extreme far fetched take on the situation...it may just a matter of personal opinion or suggestion.
To me, maybe he was drunk when he wrote this, or was he?
Anyway, my advise is to read it for interest only and to take this like a pinch of salt

It was originally written in Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu but I had also had it translated into English for easy reading

English Version

  1. 1.       Whether MAS confidentiality of conversations between intelligence distributions with the control tower to the government, the people of Malaysia and around the world? Why should we hide? Are we afraid because our security is too lax/ incompetent? Why after an hour more aircraft disappeared from the radar, but they are still communicating with the aircraft ? What were the content of their conversations?

    2.       Radar for commercial purposes is not as advanced as for military purposes… the radar jammer from the black market would be enough to " get rid " of aircraft from radar control at Subang Airport (Kuala Lumpur)

    3.       After " removing " the aircraft from the radar, the aircraft reverts to the destination distribution (destination: unsure/uncertain), the aircraft continued to hover in the air Malaysia, ie at the Titiwangsa Mountains for over an hour while still "negotiating" with control tower ..

    4.       Why can’t Malaysian defence ministry contact or communicate with the MH370 aircraft while hovering in the air around Titiwangsa Mountains? Because there we are air defence is the weakest there

    5.       “Negotiations” with the control tower failed after 2 hours... spy XXX disconnected with the control tower at Subang Airport ... XXX spy planes continue to fly to the location of distribution

    6.       I use the term "intelligence" as the hijacker is NOT a terrorist but a spy from the distribution ( between major world powers ) .. That’s why until now no plea and claims in the media .. all are in private talks between the world’s great leaders..

    7.       When the aircraft moves to the location distribution, the spies suddenly change lanes, and aircraft then flew to the direction of the Malacca strait , heading north ( Thailand ) .. Currently, Malaysia's air defence radar can detect the presence of foreign aircraft ( for air defense Malaysia in the Straits of Malacca is better on the east coast and the Main Range ) ..

    8.       But the defense ministry is still clueless about this hijacking, because the control tower DIDN’T ANNOUNCE THIS FINDINGS TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

    9.       The plane then heading straight to Thailand. Thailand learned and continue to inform the entire military , including air bases belonging to the American in Thailand ( secret location )

    10.   When the Thailand was trying to contact MAS, the intelligence distribution tried to fool them by saying they were lost... American jet aircraft tried to intercept and shoot the plane , but the “spy” XXX tried to negotiate with America and Thailand

    11.   During negotiations in Nanning Malaysian government did not know about this .. but through national negotiations XXX, YYY , ZZZ , and perhaps some other countries

    12.   It was then MAS MH370 only informed the general public that the plane disappeared completely after the plane landed in Beijing confirmed no ( more 7am ) .. why very slow MAS want to confirm ? You think this is a play-play thing?

    13.   During the time that the government and the whole world came to knowledge about this, Malaysia was so shocked by this news .. due to lack of information from the MAS (aircraft suddenly lost , nothing is any indication ) the government was slow on the Search and Rescue (SAR)..

    14.   I am not sure how long the leaders of Malaysia was told of the truth by the countries “XXX, YYY and ZZZ” .. DS Najib only given instructions from the XXX, YYY , and ZZZ to collect the victim's family , look there , look here , do then do this .. but it seems now that they are informed ..

    15.   NOTHING HAPPENED IN SOUTH CHINA SEA .. no .. all the so-called discovery of debris , oil patch , navy claim from XYZ country supposedly have met is dead etc. ..... I'm not sure and not afraid to make assumptions sure .. all these superpower countries have already send their military fleet in the area where the plane supposedly crashed

    16.   Malaysia and other countries that "do not know anything " are continuing their search for the missing airplane MH370 .. just noticed they have the effect of foreign aircraft in the Straits of Malacca (presumably when I (author that wrote this article) reminded them of it  hahahaha ) then they continue to search the Malacca strait , because assuming they last that is where the aircraft was tracked Malaysia

    17.   When the American jet almost intercept MAS in Thailand,  the spy/intelligence XXX negotiated with America to " let go" of the aircraft and inform the aircraft is a commercial aircraft that consist of 200 or more passengers

    18.   America agrees, this may be a weird on “why” the USA will be able to agree with XXX .. because it IS NOT TERRORIST intelligence but of XXX .. America informed of this incident to the distribution , and the distribution confirm it .. at first America demand the plane landed in Thailand , but had to accede to the demand distribution spies landed in Nanning Nanning .. why ? I do not want to elaborate more ..

    19.   To shorten the story, when it (MH370) landed in Nanning, the landing should be kept secret, but leaked also by some airport officials are not notified in advance of an emergency landing as well as the arrangements .. SECRET MISSION story eventually landing in Nanning successful MH370 distorted as a hoax

    20.   Any contents on the negotiations? Was it to avoid THIRD WORLD WAR??

    21.   During the negotiations, the distribution has threatened to launch a third world war if their mission was leaked .. the YYY , ZZZ and some other countries ( I believe Malaysia is not involved in the negotiations ) have agreed

    22.   So, what is the purpose of the aircraft hijack? Actually hijack the only backup plan if the identity of XXX and operations he successfully tracked by spies from other countries that also are in the airplane... yesterday I have exposed one of the YA3189197 spy passport number, passport owner 's name is Luigi Miraldi , but found this passport is stolen passport ( country so fast they cover story )

    23.   I read the news from china , in which the family members tried to call the mobile phone one of the passengers of the aircraft, and successful , but not lifted or he answered .. yes, indeed la , because the state distribution forgot to turn off their handphones/ handsets after the hijack. .

    24.   ( just my imagination ) - At first, negotiators strive to find a way to cover the story for the benefit of the spoils ... They try to bring immediate family members of passengers to negotiate in a secret place (probably in Nanning ) .. among others , passengers involved may have faked their deaths, and negotiators will try to make as if the plane really crashed , but many times it backfired .. many times they had to take their statements back ..

    25.   God willing, together we pray that they all still live. This is obviously seems like a hijack case. Ukraine is currently on war status with Russia. In the plane, there were 2  Ukrainian , Russian An influential Chinese is needed by Russia.... There are some interesting aspects of the issues arising viewed MH370 . ..
    a.       2 passports that were lost were high profile soldier / military type.
    b.      4 persons from China are in expertise and biological chemistry expert in aircraft.
    c.       27 Malaysians on board the aircraft are working for Motorola and are communication experts.
    d.      Boeing 777 before heading to Beijing recently just returned from Pakistan.
    e.      The passport of the 2 persons that are missing is not reported on the Interpol.
    f.        All major countries have provided assistance except Russia.
    g.       Boeing 777 can fly more than 11 hours and can be reach other countries because it is travelling at night (less traffic)...
    h.      The ID of Patrik Gomez should be studied with more detail.
    i.         MH 370 has already been hijack for if it has crashed, signal can still be detected within depth of 3km in the sea
    j.        4 persons from china are billionaires are on the flight .

Bahasa Malaysia/ Melayu Version

1) adakah MAS merahsiakan perbualan antara perisik XXX dengan menara kawalan kepada kerajaan, rakyat malaysia dan seluruh dunia? kenapa nak rahsiakan?? adakah takut sebab kawalan keselamatan terlalu longgar? kenapa setelah sejam lebih pesawat hilang dari radar, tapi mereka masih lagi berkomunikasi dengan pesawat?? apa isi perbualan mereka??

2) radar untuk tujuan komersial tidak secanggih seperti untuk tujuan ketenteraan.. maka radar jammer dari pasar gelap sudah memadai untuk "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar di menar kawalan subang

3) setelah "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar, pesawat patah balik untuk ke destinasi XXX (destinasi ini saya tidak pasti di mana), pesawat terus berlegar di ruang udara malaysia, iaitu di kawasan banjaran titiwangsa selama sejam lebih sambil masih lagi "berunding" dengan menara kawalan..

4) kenapa pertahanan malaysia tidak dapat kesan pesawat itu ketika berlegar di udara banjaran titiwangsa? kerana di situ pertahanan udara kita paling lemah..

5) rundingan dengan menara kawalan gagal setelah 2 jam lebih.. perisik XXX putuskan hubungan dengan menara kawalan di subang.. perisik XXX terus menerbangkan pesawat ke lokasi XXX

6) saya gunakan istilah "perisik" kerana hijacker ini bukannya pengganas, tapi seorang perisik dari negara XXX (antara kuasa besar dunia).. sebab itulah sehingga sekarang tiada pengakuan dan tuntutan di media massa.. semua rundingan adalah secara tertutup antara pemimpin negara kuasa besar..

7) ketika pesawat bergerak ke lokasi XXX, perisik tiba-tiba menukar laluan, dan pesawat didapati terbang di selat melaka, menuju ke utara (thailand).. ketika ini, radar pertahanan udara malaysia dapat mengesan kehadiran pesawat asing ini (kerana pertahanan udara malaysia di selat melaka adalah lebih baik dari di pantai timur dan banjaran titiwangsa)..

8) tetapi pihak pertahanan masih lagi clueless tentang rampasan ini, kerana pihak menara kawalan TIDAK PERNAH MEMAKLUMKAN KEPADA KERAJAAN DAN KEMENTERIAN PERTAHAAN

9) pesawat terus menuju ke thailand.. thailand dapat tahu dan terus memaklumkan kepada seluruh ketenteraan mereka, termasuk pangkalan udara milik amerika di thailand (lokasi rahsia)

10) ketika pihak thailand cuba menghubungi pesawat MAS tersebut, perisik XXX cuba menipu dengan mengatakan pesawat mereka tersesat..jet amerika cuba intercept dan tembak pesawat, tetapi perisik XXX cuba berunding dengan amerika dn thailand

11) ketika rundingan di nanning, kerajaan malaysia TIDAK TAHU MENAHU pasal ini.. rundingan hanyalah melalui negara XXX, YYY, ZZZ dan mungkin beberapa negara lain

12) pihak MAS baru maklumkan kepada umum pesawat MH370 hilang setelah benar-benar pesawat itu disahkan tidak mendarat di beijing (jam 7 pagi lebih).. kenapa lambat sangat nak sahkan MAS?? kamu ingat perampas itu main-main ke??

13) ketika ini barulah kerajaan malaysia maklum dan seluruh dunia gempar dengan berita ini.. akibat kurangnya maklumat dari pihak MAS (pesawat tiba-tiba hilang, tak ada sebarang petanda) maka kerajaan mulakan SAR agak lambat..

14) saya tidak pasti sampai bila baru pemimpin negara malaysia dimaklumkan perkara sebenar oleh negara XXX,YYY dan ZZZ.. DS Najib cuma mengikut arahaan dari negara XXX, YYY, dan ZZZ untuk kumpul keluarga mangsa, cari di situ, cari di sini, buat itu buat ini.. tapi rasanya sekarang mereka sudah dimaklumkan..

15)TIADA APA-APA YANG BERLAKU DI LAUT CINA SELATAN.. tiada.. semua penemuan kononnya debris, tompokan minyak, claim dari navy negara XYZ kononnya dah jumpa bangkai dll adalah..... saya tidak pasti dan tidak berani nak buat andaian.. yang pasti negara2 kuasa besar dah hantar armada ketenteraan mereka di kawasan yang kononnya tempat pesawat terhempas

16) malaysia serta negara lain yang "tak tahu apa-apa" meneruskan usaha mencari.. ketenteraan kita BARU PERASAN mereka pernah kesan satu pesawat asing di selat melaka (adakah saya yang ingatkan mereka hahahaha) maka mereka terus membuat pencarian di selat melaka, kerana andaian mereka di situlah kali terakhir malaysia mengesan pesawat itu

17) ketika jet amerika hampir memintas pesawat MAS di thailand, perisik XXX berunding dengan negara amerika agar "melepaskan" pesawat itu dan memaklumkan pesawat itu adalah pesawat komersial dan mengandugi 200 lebih penumpang 19) amerika bersetuju, mungkin ada yang pelik mengapa USA boleh bersetuju dengan mudah.. ini kerana perisik itu BUKANNYA PENGGANAS tetapi dari negara XXX.. pihak amerika memaklumkan kejadian ini kepada negara XXX, dan negara XXX mengesahkannya..pada mulanya amerika demand pesawat itu mendarat di thailand, tetapi akhirnya terpaksa akur permintaan perisik XXX untuk mendarat di nanning.. kenapa nanning?? saya belum mahu hurai lebih lanjut..

18) dipendekkan cerita, ketika mendarat di nanning, sepatutnya pendaratan MH370 di nanning dirahsiakan, tetapi terbocor juga oleh beberapa orang pegawai lapangan terbang yang tidak dimaklumkan terlebih dahulu tentang pendaratan cemas ini serta MISI RAHSIA negara XXX.. akhirnya cerita pendaratan pesawat MH370 di nanning berjaya diputarbelitkan sebagai hoax

19) apa isi rundingan?? mengelakkan PERANG DUNIA KETIGA

20) ketika rundingan, negara XXX mengugut untuk melancarkan perang dunia ketiga seandainya misi mereka ini dibocorkan.. negara YYY, ZZZ dan beberapa negara lain (saya yakin malaysia tidak terlibat dalam rundingan ini) terpaksa bersetuju

21) jadi, apakah sebenarnya tujuan pesawat itu dihijack?? sebenarnya hijack itu hanyalah backup plan dari perisik XXX seandainya identiti dan operasi beliau berjaya dikesan oleh perisik dari negara lain yang turut sama berada di dalam pesawat tersebut.. semalam saya ada dedahkan salah satu nombor passport perisik iaitu YA3189197, nama pemilik passport ini ialah luigi miraldi, tetapi didapati passport ini adalah passport curi (cepat sungguh negara mereka tutup cerita)

22) saya ada terbaca berita dari china, di mana ahli keluarga cuba hubungi telefon bimbit salah seorang penumpang pesawat, dan berjaya, tetapi tidak diangkat atau disahut.. ya, memang la, sebab pihak negara XXX lupa nak off henset mamat tu setelah dirampas..

23) (imaginasi saya sahaja) - pada mulanya, pihak yang berunding berusaha untuk cari jalan untuk tutup cerita rampasan ini untuk kepentingan bersama.. mereka cuba membawa ahli keluarga terdekat penumpang untuk berunding di satu tempat rahsia (kemungkinan di nanning).. antaranya, mungkin penumpang yang terlibat terpaksa dipalsukan kematian mereka, dan pihak yang berunding akan cuba untuk membuat seolah-olah pesawat itu benar-benar telah terhempas, tetapi banyak kali kantoi.. banyak kali mereka terpaksa trik balik statement..

24) insyaAllah, sama-sama kita doakan mereka semua masih hidup Mmg dr awal kes hijack Sebab Ukraine dgn Russia tgh berperang Dlm pesawat tu ada 2 org Ukraine, seorg Russian Pengaruh cina dperlukan russia TERKINI ... Ada beberapa aspek berbangkit dlm isu MH370 ... 1) 2 pasport hilang berprofile tinggi dlm bidang askar/ ketenteraan. 2) 4 org China yg mempunyai kepakaran dlm bidang kimia and biologi expert di dalam pesawat. 3) 27 anak Malaysia yg berada di dalam pesawat adalah dari syarikat motorola yg expert dlm it and communication. 4) Boeing 777 sebelum bertolak ke beijing baru kembali dari Pakistan. 5) Pasport 2 org yg hilang tidak di report pada interpol. 6) Semua negara besar telah menghulurkan bantuan kecuali Russia. 7) Boeing 777 boleh terbang lebih dari 11 jam dan boleh sampai di negara lain kerana perjalanan 777 adalah pada waktu malam yg tidak dpt dijangkau ... 8) ID Patrik Gomez perlu dikaji dgn lebih terperinci. 9) MH 370 telah pun dihijack kerana laut sedalam 3km jika crash signal dca masih dapat dikesan. 10) 4 Bilionair China berada di dalam flight tersebut.


So what do you think? Don't ever trust all sources but do your own research
credible sources don't tell of this tale, and if they did it would surely cause mass panic and chaos
anyway, just keep this situation in your prayer and thoughts. Pray for the loved ones who's family members and friends who are still yet to be located

RE: #PrayForMH370 Live Updates: Police search crew members' homes

The whole country of Malaysia, no correction - the whole world is praying revelation on MAS's missing airplane number MH370.

As of now, credible source yahoo.com paints a whole picture on the latest updates
I'm sharing this so all of us can be up to speed:

UPDATE [12.51pm]:  Malaysian police searched the homes of the crew members of flight MH370 as they pursue the sabotage angle, a local Malay-language daily reported. Cops are also checking the background of a passenger of Uighur descent. Full story here.
Meanwhile, a British terror plotter was quoted by the Daily Star as saying he was aware of plans for an 'earlier shoe bomb attack in Malaysia'. Read it here.

UPDATE [12.07pm]: Vietnam says the area where Chinese satellite images show what might be debris from MH370 has been thoroughly searched in recent days. Read it here.

UPDATE [11.17am]:  A senior Chinese aviation official said authorities could not confirm any link between the floating objects captured on Chinese satellite images to MH370. Details here.

UPDATE [9.52am]: Malaysia is sending a search aircraft to the possible crash site identified by a Chinese government website, says an air force official. Full story here.
UPDATE [7.01am]: US satellites have not detected any sign of a mid-air explosion, say American officials. "If they had picked up something (by satellite), our ships would have been sent to that spot." Full story here.

UPDATE [6.15am]: An image taken by a Chinese satellite shows a possible crash site of MH370. Three objects sized 13m x 18m, 14m x 19m and 24m x 22m were spotted in the South China Sea. More here.

UPDATE [3.14am]: A fleet of Earth-monitoring satellites has joined the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The so-called International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, comprising 15 space agencies or national space institutes, will provide high-resolution images from satellites flying over the location. Full story here.

AFP speaks to experts regarding five possible theories behind the MH370 disappearance. Did the pilot commit suicide? Was there an explosion on board? Did the plane break up in mid air? Answers here.

What we know as of 1:00am, 13 March 2014:

Search and rescue operations:
1. Search and rescue efforts will still continue, says acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin.
2. Researchers say China missed a chance to use its satellites to find MH370.
3. The search has been expanded into the Andaman Sea, as the air force believes MH370 might have strayed west.
4. Vietnam is scaling back the search for MH370.
5. Malaysia's air force chief denies saying the plane turned back into the Straits of Malacca.
6. The Indian navy has joined in, together with the navy satellite Rukmini or GSAT-7.
7. A crowdsourced initiative to find the MH370 has overloaded the provider’s servers.
8. Searchers describe their efforts as akin to looking for the needle in a haystack.
9. Relatives of passengers are claiming that phones are still ringing when they try calling them.
10. Strange reports have emerged that MH370 was detected at the Straits of Malacca at about 2:40am on Saturday.
11. Vietnamese officials say they are preparing for the worst. However they are widening their search net, and Singapore is set to join the underwater search today.
12. An American satellite imaging company, DigitalGlobe, is getting the public to join the search by analyzing satellite imagery.
13. The search area has expanded to 500,000 square nautical miles (1.7mil sq km), from Sumatra to Hong Kong.
14. The USS Kidd joins the search, with both having Seahawk helicopters designed for search and rescue.
15. A commercial plane from out of Hong Kong reportedly saw several large pieces of debris 60km southeast of Vung Tau, a coastal city in Vietnam.
16. A low-flying plane was allegedly sighted early in the morning of March 8. Authorities refuse to confirm.
17. Malaysian submaries will not be deployed as they are not 'equipped for search and rescue'.
18. Vietnam, China, Singapore, United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and India are assisting in the search.

Investigations still on-going:
1. A lawyer has slammed Malaysia for the ‘misleading information’ on MH370.
2. MAS insists that all planes are ‘airworthy’ despite the Boeing 777 flaw being noted.
3. Under fire by the media, Hishamuddin insists there is no confusion in the MH370 search.
4. A Malaysian minister blamed the media for conflicting statements attributed to the government.
5. A senior MAS executive says there’s no reason to believe this was caused by the crew.
6. The plane sent back two bursts of technical data before vanishing.
7. Legalities and jurisdiction issues are hampering investigations.
8. France is opening a manslaughter investigation into the MH370 disappearance.
9. Police are investigating the matter from four angles: hijacking, sabotage, psychological problems, and personal problems among passengers and crew.
10. The B777-200 aircraft that operated MH207 had undergone maintenance 12 days before the flight. There were no issues.
11. Previously-thought floating debris turns out to becable reel – not adoor or life raft. Analysis of oil slick reveals that it isn't aviation fuel from MH370 , but from ship bunkering activities. More pictures here .
12. Experts are starting to believe the plane veered from its flight path, and could be hundreds of kilometers away.
13. French accident board BEA offers help,citing similarities with the 2009 Air France Flight 447 crash. 14. Boeing’s Airplane Health Management system, which allows real-time plane monitoring, was not installed in the missing flight MH370.
15. No signals were spotted from the plane's Emergency Locator Transmittor (ELT) .
16. A portion of the aircraft wingtip was fixed by Boeing and was certified safe to fly. They dismissed the possibility of a technical problem and any form of threat prior to this.
17. PM Najib said that satelite imagery cannot be used as it cannot detect anything below the water surface.
18. MAS Operations Control Vice President Fuad Sharuji said the aircraft was carrying 7.5 hours of fuel at the time of its disappearance (2.40am).

Situation in Malaysia:
1. MAS denies sending family members of MH370 passengers from Hong Kong to India instead of Malaysia.
2. Year Three students from a rural school made a touching tribute to the passengers on MH370.
3. A local bomoh (shaman) returned for a second try, to the scorn and ridicule of netizens .
4. Malaysians have grown angry over discrepancies and concealed information.
5. MAS is shocked by allegations of questionable behavior of the co-pilot above the MH370.
6. Hoaxers, opportunists and tasteless jokers have come out of the woodworks.
7. Malaysia Airlines will provide a total of 31,000 yuan (RM16,577) to all families of MH370 passengers, and will be flown to the crash site once the location is known.
8. A local bomoh (shaman) and psychic claim to be able to find MH370, and an African televangelist says he predicted this last July.
9. Guo Shaochun, head of a joint working group from the China govt has arrived in KLIA to further assist in the case, as well as the welfare of Chinese families here.
10. Ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad chastises those who are 'playing the blame game' over the MH370 case.
11. Ex-NST head laments 'lax’ security at KLIA, blames third world mentality.
12. The internet is ablaze with concerned netizens and celebrities expressing their views. Hashtags #MH370 and #PrayForMH370 were trending on Twitter.
13. Politician Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was slammed for an insensitive tweet about a 'new Bermuda triangle'.
14. The DCA Dir-Gen Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the airport authorities have examined security footage of the passengers and the baggage, and he is satisfied.
15. MAS says all other flights will proceed as usual, for now.

Missing passports and possible terror links:
1. All passengers who checked in for the flight had boarded the plane, dispelling earlier claims that 5 passengers were missing.
2. DCA Dir-Gen denies inconsistencies with police information.
3. The immigration chief insists security SOPs were followed.
4. The two passengers travelling with stolen passports were likely migrants, not terrorists. The first, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, had wanted to migrate to Germany. The second is Delavar Syed Mohammad Reza, 30. They had both stayed over at a friend’s house before leaving for MH370.
5. U.S. and European government sources are skeptical that MH370 was the target of an attack..
6. Thailand has been exposed as a crime hub for forged documents.
7. Azharuddin said all cabin baggage on the flight went through security screening, following protocols. MAS also confirms plane security complied with ICAO regulations.
8. Security in Malaysian airports remain the same as the government is not treating this as a security threat yet, despite PM Najib Razak saying KLIA security protocols will be reviewed and improved if necessary. An Immigration Dept source admits “ the SOP does need to be reviewed.”
9. The Chinese Martyr's Brigade claims responsibility, but authorities brush off the ‘unheard-of group’.
10. The Immigration Department is under internal investigation following reports that Italian and Austrian passengers with Asian facial features were allowed to pass through. They had bought their tickets together through an Iranian link.
11. Interpol confirmed that the two missing passports were recorded in its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents (SLTD) database.
12. Malaysia is working with the FBI on possible terror links to the MH370 disappearance.

Analysis, theories, opinions:
1. Here are the key areas of confusion in relation to the missing MH370.
2. CNN laid out four possible scenarios regarding the MH370 disappearance.
3. Authorities are investigating the possibilities of a mid-air disintegration. A video explains the theory further. Radar and transponder information alone would be enough to confirm this theory, says a veteran pilot.
4. Industry experts offer insights into major questions, as well as a detailed analysis of possible reasons behind the MH370 disappearance.
5. An aviation lawyer said that the plane might have broken up due to lack of pressurisation or electrical failure.
6. Retired American Airlines Capt. Jim Tilmon said the route taken by the aircraft had plenty of antennae, radar and radios for contact, and the plane was 'as sophisticated as any commercial airplane could possibly be with an excellent safety record'.
7. The flight was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, with total flying hours of 18,365 hours. First officer, Fariq Ab.Hamid, 27, has a total flying hours of 2,763 hours.

Stories surrounding missing passengers:
1. Abdul Hamid Mohd Daud has not given up hope on his son, Fariq, 27, who is the first officer aboard MH370.
2. 38 Malaysians were on-board MH370, including twelve colleagues, a family of three, a couple on honeymoon, a woman who had just celebrated her retirement and about 20 top management staff from Freescale Semiconductor.
3. The niece of Kuching police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad was a passenger on MH370.
4. MH370 Full passenger list here .
Editors's note: The public may contact +603 7884 1234. Next-of-kin may head to the Support Facility Building at KLIA's South Support Zone. For directions, call 03 8787 1269.


Thanks yahoo for the updates. May we know more about MH370 soon!

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RE: Penang seagrass bed - home to turtles and dugongs - threatened

I read with interest on the article of preserving Penang's green seabed because it is a habitat for turtles and dugongs 
Well, I for one can consider myself an animal lover and this article is one that strickes a topic that is close to my heart.
Yes, even though we are under development but still, we need to care of four nature and environment

I surely don't want to even imagine that my children will one day have to ask me about the legend of the turtle and dugong in Penang

surely, we dont have to go to that extend right?

Penang seagrass bed - home to turtles and dugongs - threatened
Wong inspecting some seagrass at the Middle Bank seagrass bed located between the Penang Bridge and the river mouth of Sungai Pinang. - CHAN BOON KAI/ The Star
Wong inspecting some seagrass at the Middle Bank seagrass bed located between the Penang Bridge and the river mouth of Sungai Pinang. - CHAN BOON KAI/ The Star
GEORGE TOWN: The state’s only bed of seagrass, which is home to various marine species such as turtles and dugongs, is in danger after the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) called for a proposal to reclaim it.
The 50.6ha bed in Middle Bank, located between Penang Bridge and the Sungai Pinang river mouth, is the second largest in Peninsular Malaysia after Merambong in Johor.

Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu said PDC had called for a Request for Proposal (RFP) to reclaim the area. 

“I have learnt that the Middle Bank was included in the Penang Structure Plan 2007 as reclaimable land.
“Since the plan is now up for review, the current state government should consider removing it as a reclaimable land,” he said.

The state government, said Teh, should also carry out a detailed environmental impact assessment on the seagrass bed and the reclamation of land.

“I hope that PDC can reconsider the reclamation plans. The Middle Bank should remain a ‘green lung’ in the sea,” he said, adding that at least six seagrass species could be found at the bed.
“Seagrass bed is important as it provides nursery, shelter and food for marine species, including fish, turtles, dugong and seahorses. 

“It also protects fishermen and fish breeding workers from big waves,” he said after visiting the Middle Bank with state assembly speaker Datuk Law Choo Kiang here yesterday.
“The state government should gazette the seagrass bed as the ‘Penang Heritage of Seagrass Bed Marina Park’,” he said. 

Environmental educator Wong Yun Yun said various seagrass species, including tape seagrass and halophila, as well as marine creatures such as hermit crabs, clams, sea urchin and octopus were found during the site visit. 

In an immediate response, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the reclamation project would only go on if the environmental impact assessment permitted it.


RE: Playboy pilot at controls of MH370 had a track record of inviting pretty passengers into his cockpit where he smoked and posed for snaps

I think this may be the mother of all articles combined into one

Of all the things that are flying around the internet and social media networks, i sorta think that this is the combo of all things being said right now

I read this with INTEREST, but with pure interest only - not to be ever considered as fact

Allot of speculation is going around and until we find MAS Aircraft MH370, we will not be able to have any true answers. Until now, we hang on to clues, theories and rumors to keep our wondering minds preoccupied.

Anyway, here is the article for your reading interest:

Playboy pilot at controls of MH370 had a track record of inviting pretty passengers into his cockpit where he smoked and posed for snaps
Jonno Nash, Julian Swallow, Kristin Shorten and Cindy Wockner in Kuala Lumpur
News Limited Network
March 12, 2014 9:54AM

Malaysian airlines co-pilot behaviour investigated 0:44
Appearing on A Current Affair, a former passenger talks of her meeting with co-pilot Fariq Ab Hamid from the missing Malaysian airlines plane MH370. Courtesy: ACA Nine Network
  • Fingerprints from mystery passengers being analysed
  • Search area widened as still no sign of missing aircraft
  • Police release photo of one of the passengers on a stolen passport
A CO-PILOT at the controls of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 invited a Melbourne tourist and her friend into the cockpit where he smoked, took photos and entertained the pair during a previous international flight. 

In a worrying lapse of security, it’s been revealed pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid and his colleague broke Malaysia Airline rules when they invited passengers Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree to join them in the cabin for the one-hour flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur.

Ms Roos, who is travelling around Australia, told A Current Affair she and Ms Maree posed for pictures with the pilots, who smoked cigarettes during the midair rendez-vous.

“Throughout the entire flight they were talking to us and they were actually smoking throughout the flight which I don’t think they’re allowed to do,” Ms Roos said.

Happy snap ... Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, right, in Decem
Happy snap ... Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, right, in December 2011. Picture: A Current Affair. Source: Supplied
“At one stage they were pretty much turned around the whole time in their seats talking to us.
“They were so engaged in conversation that he took my friends hand and he was looking at her palm and said ‘your hand is very creased. That means you’re a very creative person’ and commented on her nail polish.”

Mr Hamid identified the South African nationals as they waited in the boarding queue at Phuket airport in December 2011.

As they took their seats on the aircraft, an air steward approached the women and invited them to join the pilots in the cockpit.

Despite pictures exposing the gross misconduct of the distracted pilots, Ms Roos said she wasn’t concerned for her safety.
“I did feel safe. I don’t think there was one instance where I felt threatened or I felt that they didn’t know what they were doing,” she said.

The whole time I felt they were very friendly. I felt they were very competent in what they were doing.

Not camera shy ... Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid on a flight
Not camera shy ... Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree in the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines flight from Phuket to KL in December 2011. Picture: A Current Affair. Source: Supplied
“We wished they (would) stop smoking because it is such a confined space. But you can’t exactly tell a pilot to stop smoking.”
The plucky pilots reportedly wanted Ms Roos and Ms Maree to change their travel arrangements and extend their stay in Kuala Lumpur and join them on a night on the town.
Ms Roos said she was shocked to learn Mr Hamid was at the helm of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight.

“I thought it was crazy. I was just completely shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.
“When I saw all his friends and family posting on his wall my heart really broke for them and my heart broke for the family of the passengers. It’s just a really sad story.”
Malaysia Airlines issued a statement about the incident late last night.
“Malaysia Airlines has become aware of the allegations being made against First Officer, Fariq Ab Hamid which we take very seriously.” the statement said.

“We are shocked by these allegations.

“We have not been able to confirm the validity of the pictures and videos of the alleged incident.
“As you are aware, we are in the midst of a crisis, and we do not want our attention to be diverted.
“We also urge the media and general public to respect the privacy of the families of our colleagues and passengers. It has been a difficult time for them.

“The welfare of both the crew and passenger’s families remain our focus. At the same time, the security and safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance to us.”

Special access ... Jaan Maree in the cockpit with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid in December
Special access ... Jaan Maree in the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines flight in December 2011. Picture: A Current Affair. Source: Supplied

One of the men travelling with a stolen passport on the Malaysia Airlines flight that mysteriously disappeared has been identified as a 19-year-old Iranian seeking asylum in Europe.
This comes as police downplayed the possibility of terrorist involvement in the disappearance of MH370 — giving four areas of investigation: hijack, sabotage, psychological or personal problems among the passengers and crew.

Malaysian police tonight said the man was Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, and intelligence suggested he was not likely to be a member of any terrorist group.

Malaysia’s Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, said Mehrdad was travelling on a stolen Austrian passport and was planning to meet up with his mother in Frankfurt.
The second passenger using a stolen passport has not been identified yet.

Revealed ... a Malaysian police official displays photographs of the two men who boarded
Revealed ... a Malaysian police official displays photographs of the two men who boarded the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight using stolen European passports to the media. Source: AFP

However, he said police were still considering all possibilities in terms of criminal involvement in the plane’s disappearance, when asked whether police thought the revelation made them consider terrorism less likely in the case.

“At this moment, I would not say less likely. Same weightage to all until we finish our investigations,” Khalid said.
He also contradicted an earlier statement made by Malaysia’s aviation chief that five people did not board the plane, saying they did not exist and everyone who booked a seat was on the flight.


Authorities are also investigating several reports of locals claiming to have seen the lights of a low-flying aircraft in an area off the Malaysian coast, just below the Malay-Thai border.
It is this area which is now included in the widened search area for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

A fisherman who was in his boat at sea, says that at about 1.30am he saw the lights of a low-flying aircraft in the area of Kuala Besar.

Azid Ibrahim told The Star newspaper in Malaysia that the plane was flying so low that the lights were “as big as coconuts”.

And another man, about 30km south of Kota Bharu, is reported to have seen “bright white lights” from what he thought was a fast-descending aircraft at about 1.45am on Saturday morning.
He has since reported what he saw to authorities after seeing the lights from his home that evening.

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement that the search and rescue teams (SAR) have expanded the scope beyond the flight path to the West Peninsular of Malaysia at the Straits of Malacca. The authorities are looking at a possibility of an attempt made by MH370 to turn back to Subang.
The search sphere now includes land on the Malaysian peninsula itself, the waters off its west coast and an area to the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, an area far removed from flight MH370’s scheduled route.

The news of the search being widened comes as Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department said it had received a report from the crew of a Cathay Pacific plane flying from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur at about 3pm Saturday that more debris was spotted near Vung Tau, off southeast Vietnam, The South China Morning Post reports.

It is not known if the debris is from the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

Prayer ... Students in East China pray for the passengers from the missing Malaysia Airli
Prayer ... Students in East China pray for the passengers from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Picture: Twitter Source: Supplied
As the search for the missing Boeing 777 continues into its fourth day, it also emerged that the aeroplane underwent maintenance on February 23, 12 days before it went missing bound for Beijing, China.

“The maintenance was conducted at the KLIA hangar and there were no issues on the health of the aircraft,” Malaysia Airlines said. Its next check was due on June 19.

Fisherman saw ‘low-flying lights’
In limbo ... Sarah Nor, 55, the mother of 34-year-old Norliakmar Hamid, a passenger on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Source: AFP
In other news, fingerprints from the mystery passengers travelling on missing Flight MH370 with stolen passports are being analysed by the FBI as it emerged they were reportedly Iranians looking for a new life in Europe.

The men are believed to have bought the fake travel documents because they were “looking for a place to settle” and it is thought their plane tickets were purchased in Thailand by an Iranian middleman known as “Mr Ali”.

The news came as officials reacted with scepticism to a claim of responsibility for the plane’s disappearance from a previously unheard of Chinese terror group.

With authorities still scratching their heads about exactly what has happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight and conflicting information deepening the anguish of relatives, much of the focus of the investigation has fallen on those on board.

Director-general of Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, revealed late last night that the two men travelling on stolen passports were not Asian-looking as had been earlier speculated.

He said they had passed through all “security protocols” before boarding the flight, which disappeared with 239 passengers on board, including six Australians, in the early hours of Saturday en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
Guo Shaochun
Under pressure ... an official in Malaysia is besieged by journalists. Source: AP
“We have looked at the footage of the video and the photographs and it is confirmed now that they are not Asian-looking men,” Mr Rahman told a press briefing in Kuala Lumpur.
“They have gone through screening, their baggage has been screened, their cabin baggage has been screened and they complied fully with the protocols of immigration security.”
The CCTV footage in question has reportedly been given to international security agencies and is expected to be released publicly at some stage.
He said authorities were now investigating the possibility of a stolen passport syndicate but he would not be drawn on what the mystery men looked like.

Initial reports that Mr Rahman had implied the men looked like African-Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli were clarified by Malaysia this afternoon.

Officials pointed out that Mr Rahman was actually saying a person’s appearance is not necessarily a reliable indicator of their nationality, using the footballer as an example.
Balotelli is Italian, having been born in Italy to Ghanaian parents.

Unwitting example ... AC Milan footballer Mario Balotelli.
Unwitting example ... AC Milan footballer Mario Balotelli. Source: AFP
Two European names were on the passenger list for the missing flight but neither Christian Kozel, an Austrian, nor Luigi Maraldi from Italy, ever boarded the plane — instead two passengers used their passports, which had been stolen from the men in separate incidents in Thailand.


A man who says he is a friend of the two unidentified passengers has now told how they were Iranian nationals who travelled to Kuala Lumpur from Tehran several days ago.
According to London’s Daily Telegraph, the unnamed friend told BBC Persia that the pair bought the stolen passports in the Malaysian capital as well as tickets to Amsterdam via Beijing.

The BBC’s Bahman Kalbasi Source: Supplied
One of the men wanted to eventually end up in Frankfurt, where his mother lives, while the other wanted to travel to Denmark.
BBC Persia’s UN correspondent Bahman Kalbasi said he was told the pair were “looking for a place to settle”.

Malaysia and neighbouring Thailand, where the passports were originally stolen, host large and established Iranian communities.
Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the duo’s tickets had been arranged for by an Iranian known only as “Mr Ali”. According to Thai police, his full name is Kazem Ali.
A travel agent in Thailand told the newspaper that Mr Ali first asked her to book cheap tickets to Europe for the pair on March 1.

The tickets expired before Mr Ali called her again last Thursday to rebook them on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. A friend of Mr Ali’s paid cash for the tickets.
Benjaporn Krutnait, owner of the Grand Horizon travel agency in Thailand, said she had known the Iranian for about three years and he had booked tickets through her agency before.

There is no evidence Mr Ali knew the two men were travelling on stolen passports and, according to NBC News, he has come forward to authorities after learning they were under suspicion.
He is currently believed to be in Iran.

Authorities have made no comment on these reports but Thai police are thought to have visited two Pattaya travel agencies on Monday, who are believed to be involved in selling the tickets.


Malaysian authorities have released thumbprints of the pair that were taken at the airport check-in at Kuala Lumpur to intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world.
“They will compare that to what we have in our terrorist databases. These are lists of people on no-fly lists, people with possible terrorist connections, people we have reasons to be suspicious of,” US lawmaker Peter King told CNN.
“We have these listings, and those names and those biometrics will be compared to those.”
Images of the men has also been shared.

There has been no further update on the five passengers who checked in for flight MH370 but didn’t board the plane. They had their luggage removed from the hold.
Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said they were being investigated but he didn’t say whether this was suspicious.
Aviation industry figures said five passengers failing to board an international flight was not unusual.

Searching ... Indonesian Navy pilots looking for the missing plane.
Searching ... Indonesian Navy pilots looking for the missing plane. Source: AP
“To have that many people — five to 10 — as no-shows is relatively common, particularly if they are connecting from elsewhere,” they said.
They said a passenger’s failure to board can simply be the result of a late connecting flight, a missed connection or simply changing their mind. If anything, they said it was an increasing problem due to the popularity of online check-in, which allows a passenger to register their intention to board the flight up to several days ahead.

While there has been a claim of responsibility of some kind for the disappearance of the flight by a shadowy group called the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade, officials are sceptical and have said it could be a hoax.

The group — unheard of before now — on Sunday sent an email to journalists across China that read: “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as payback,” but the message provided no other details.

Prayers ... candles are lit in Kuala Lumpur to send a message of hope.
Prayers ... candles are lit in Kuala Lumpur to send a message of hope. Source: AP


Thailand’s role as a hub for criminal networks using false documents is now in the spotlight after the stolen passports sparked fears of a terror attack.
The revelation has triggered a probe by Malaysian authorities, who are working with other intelligence agencies including the FBI.

“Thailand has been used by some international terrorist groups as a zone of operation, to raise funds or to plan attacks,’’ said Rommel Banlaoi, an analyst on terrorism in South-East Asia.
In 2010, two Pakistanis and a Thai woman were arrested in Thailand on suspicion of making false passports for al Qaeda-linked groups, as part of an international operation linked to the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and the Madrid train bombings in 2004.

In shock ... relatives of passengers from the missing flight in Beijing.
In shock ... relatives of passengers from the missing flight in Beijing. Source: AFP
But Banlaoi stressed that the false passports used on the Malaysia flight “could also be linked to other criminal activities, like illegal immigration’’.

“Thailand is a destination for international crime organisations who use it to secure travel documents, financial documents,’’ a Thai intelligence source said.


“It’s not just linked to terrorism but to other crimes. It’s a complex network, connected to other networks.’’


The intricate web of clues surrounding the stolen passports includes Thais and foreigners, passport thieves, counterfeiters, intermediaries and clients, Banlaoi said.
Thai police have announced an investigation into a possible passport racket on the resort island of Phuket — Maraldi’s passport was stolen there in 2013 and Kozel’s on a flight from Phuket to Bangkok, according to authorities in Vienna.

Message of hope ... a poster carrying words of support for the passengers.
Message of hope ... a poster carrying words of support for the passengers. Source: AFP
Flight information seen by the AFP news agency shows that two tickets in Kozel and Maraldi’s names were issued in Pattaya, a beach resort south of Bangkok, on March 6, 2014, and were paid for in Thai baht.
Geographically well-placed and with a major international airport, Thailand is best known for being a hub for drug and wildlife trafficking, including elephant ivory from Africa.
But it also supplies documents to illegal immigrants moving within or passing through the region.

what we know update

The route of the two unknown MH370 passengers — from Kuala Lumpur via Beijing then on to Europe — was “a typical path’’ for illegal immigrants, one diplomatic source said, adding that a large proportion of passports stolen from tourists in Thailand were then used for illegal immigration.

“They (the passports) are genuine, so they find someone who looks like the owner, or they falsify the first page,’’ the source said.

The ease with which police officials can be paid off also helped the industry to thrive.
“The police can turn a blind eye if you have the money,’’ he added.

New scope ... Dato' Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of the Malaysian Department
New scope ... Mr Rahman briefs the media with the latest. Source: Getty Images

The search effort for the missing plane, involving at least 34 aircraft and 40 ships from several countries, has been widened to a 100-nautical mile (185-kilometre) radius from the point the plane vanished from radar screens between Malaysia and Vietnam early Saturday with no distress signal.

Despite their best efforts, search teams have so far failed to find any trace of actual debris.
Laboratory analysis of oil samples from slicks spotted in the days after the disappearance showed they were not from the Malaysia Airlines jet but were a type of fuel used by ships, the Maritime Enforcement Agency said in Kuala Lumpur.

PLane Crash Theories-DESKTOP

The area became a focus for frantic international search efforts for the Boeing 777 after large tongues of oil were found in the water on Saturday, hours after the plane dropped off the radar.
In a day of conflicting information which deepened relatives’ anguish, initial reports of debris off southern Vietnam were ruled out, before an aircraft spotted another object which appeared to be a life raft.
Malaysia said it was sending ships to investigate the raft sighting, but a Vietnamese vessel that got there first found only flotsam in the busy shipping lane.

Vigil ... people in Kuala Lumpur are praying for a miracle.
Vigil ... people in Kuala Lumpur are praying for a miracle. Source: AFP

“When we reached the site we recovered only a mouldy cable reel cover,’’ Vietnamese army deputy chief of staff Vo Vo Tuan said.
“I think there was only one suspect floating object there,’’ he said, conceding the amount of rubbish floating in the sea made it hard to be “100 per cent sure’’ the ship had reached the location of the reported raft.
Boeing has joined an official US team investigating the disappearance, saying it would act as technical adviser to the US National Transportation Safety Board team already in South-East Asia to offer assistance.
A satellite imaging company from the US has even asked for public help in analysing high-resolution images for any sign of the missing airliner.

Passport fears ... a passenger holds his passport and boarding pass after he checked in h
Passport fears ... a passenger checks in at a Malaysia Airlines counter in Beijing. Source: AP

Central Queensland University aviation expert Ron Bishop said the continuing lack of debris from the jet pointed towards the aircraft hitting the water intact.
He said that if the aircraft broke up at a cruising altitude, he would expect evidence of items from the plane floating over a 15-20km expanse of ocean.

“If it exploded midair, all the seat cushions would float, paper, magazines, anything made out of paper or wood would float,” he said.

“If it impacted the water in one piece, it possibly impacted at a high speed that drove everything into the water and meant that nothing floated out. And if it did, it would just be small stuff.”
“It could be like the Titanic and drill right into the water.”
He said this might have trapped any remaining oil within the aircraft. However, if it did leak out, it could easily be carried away on the current, leaving little trace of the aircraft.
“It’s pretty spooky when this happens and is particularly upsetting for the families who just want to know what occurred,” he said.
“It becomes like Bermuda Triangle stuff.”

While suggesting it was very unlikely the Boeing 777 crashed on land, Mr Bishop said it was possible.
— with wires

Emotions run high at Beijing Airport 0:30

Family members of missing Malaysia Airlines passengers on board MH370 vent their frustration at officials at Beijing Airport. Courtesy: The Straits Times.

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? 6:14

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 baffles experts. Courtesy: FOX News
Fun on the job ... Jaan Maree poses with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid on a flight from Phuk
Fun on the job ... Jaan Maree poses with co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid on a flight from Phuket to KL in December 2011. Picture: A Current Affair Source: Supplied


Whatever it is, keep MH370 in prayer and in your thoughts