Friday, January 18, 2013

Gurney Drive @ Night

Hi guys!

A Shadow of a palm leave along the walkway

How are you guys doing? Hope all is alright and having a great time!
Greetings from Penang! If your from Penang, then Hi nice to meet you, if your not from Penang, let me just say, "the char kuey teow" I just had was A-wesome!!! (with the big A) ;)
Well hope you can come down soon and have some yourself! :)

today I bring you another view of the night scene @ Gurney Drive. 
I just a new point and shot cam, Sony DSC-WX30 and I am still learning how to use it!
Well I managed to take some, and i hope you'll enjoy it :)

People just love to jog here in the evenings! I walk here sometimes too

Cars usually stop to enjoy the scenic view before proceeding on

such a beautiful view! This is the Palazzo under the skies of the setting sun

Corner Club, gamblers should know this place right? haha

During the times when traffic is low

Traffic zooming in :)

Pathways along the gurney Drive stretch, the parking attendant is looking at me... o.0

They have beautiful old trees alongside this part of the shoreline :)

People just love to sit here during the night times to listen to music

View from the rocky areas...we can actually see the mainland and its industrial zone here!

I'm sure you have heard about New Zealand coffee shop right?

wow, Kelawai View looks so grand here! (heard they changed the name) Just cant remember suddenly! :S

Ahhh, an old time favorite! Song River Cafe!

Cars wondering where to park to go to their favorite hawker stalls

So that's all for now! Haha, i could only cover 1/5 of Gurney Drive, hope to be able to do that soon..! 
to the rest of the world...have a great life, and please dont worry...most of our worries wont happen anyway! 


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