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Developers to enjoy 50% discount by DBKL

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Developers to enjoy 50% discount by DBKL

DBKL hopes the discount will serve as an incentive to encourage developers to continue building Kuala Lumpur despite the slow economy.
DBKL hopes the discount will serve as an incentive to encourage developers to continue building Kuala Lumpur despite the slow economy.

PROPERTY developers are rejoicing as Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has announced a 50% discount on development charges for high-density projects starting this month.
DBKL Urban Planning Department director Sharom Ujang said the discount served as an incentive to encourage developers to continue building the city despite the slow economy.
“Development is very important for the city and its economy. The two qualifying criteria for development charges discount are an increase in allowable density and an upgrade in land zoning.
“To qualify, the approved development’s density or plot ratio must be more than the standard set in the Kuala Lumpur Draft Plan 2020.
“Alternatively, the development must involve change of land use to a higher status in the zoning hierarchy such as from residential to commercial,” he said.

Tan lauds the move and reckons it will attract more developers back to Kuala Lumpur.
The 50% discount has so far been given to one mixed-development project in Bukit Jalil.- Filepics
Land use hierarchy starts from facility, institutional, residential, industrial and the highest being commercial.
According to Sharom, DBKL has so far approved discount for one mixed-development project in Bukit Jalil.
“We are in the midst of vetting the other applicants.
“Although this incentive only started this month, we are also considering those who have applied before September but have not received their development order yet.
“However, we are firm about those who have already received their development orders,” he said.
He said the development charge was a big expense for developers.

“The development charge for a project in Bukit Damansara was calculated at RM230mil. It is a very big amount.
“The fee is calculated based on 30% of the enhanced value of the land, before and after development.
“If the land was RM100 per sq ft and would be RM200 per sq ft after development, the enhanced value is RM100. So, 30% from RM100 is RM30 per sq ft and the total sum is calculated accordingly.
“If the amount is less than RM1mil, it must be paid in one lump sum. If it is more than RM1mil, a deposit of RM1mil in cash is required and the balance paid in post-dated cheques up to 24 months.
Tan lauds the move and reckons it will attract more developers back to Kuala Lumpur.
Tan lauds the move and reckons it will attract more developments back to Kuala Lumpur.
“For charges above RM50mil, a 10% deposit is required followed by the balance also paid in post-dated cheques up to 24 months.
“The development order will only be given once the initial payment is made,” he said.
Sharom said the 50% discount was not for long-term.
“We expect the economy to be stable at the end of 2016, so the offer may be revoked then,” he said.
He explained that DBKL could not continue offering the discount for too long as development charges were the second biggest income-generator for the local authority, after assessment tax.
“But we have always considered discounts for developers that do corporate social responsibility projects for the surrounding community, like building flyovers and public parks,” he said.

Developers laud incentive
Real Estate and Housing Developers Associations Malaysia Kuala Lumpur chairman Tan Ching Meng said it was good news for the industry.
“Many developers are doing projects in other states because Kuala Lumpur has become very expensive.
“This move will be a pull factor to bring them back to developing the capital city.

Sharom says DBKL will also consider giving the discount to those who applied before September.
Sharom says DBKL will also consider giving the discount to those who applied before September.
“The reduction in development charges also goes well with the reduction of developer’s compliance costs, that in turn will reduce property prices, which is good for the buyers,” he noted.
A senior project manager, Alex Foong said high-density development should be encouraged in the city as it was good for the environment.
“I always fight for high-density development in the city and Klang Valley.
“As an environmentalist, I believe that if we were to develop, we need not open up new areas and destroy the natural forest.
“At the same time, the government can invest in a comprehensive public transportation for the city.
“High-density development also makes the city lively at night.
“Giving higher density means allowing building to house more people on the same plinth.
“Vancouver in Canada has implemented this concept for higher density in the city, thus limiting the need to encroach into their forest reserves,” he said.
Foong said the property industry normally was the first to suffer in an economic slowdown.
“Property development brings many downstream economic activities and raise employment,” he said.
He explained that the escalating property prices were a result of the high capital contribution incurred to property developers and subsequently passed on to buyers.

Chang opines that the discount will have a negative social impact on consumers.
Chang opines that the discount will have a negative social impact on consumers.
“These capital contributions include development charges, infrastructure service funds, capital sewerage contribution and capital water contribution.”

Not favourable to buyers
National House Buyers Association (HBA) honorary secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said the discount would have a negative social impact on consumers.
“The discount promotes high density and commercial development, which are both not favourable to the end user.
Chang also questioned if the infrastructure in Kuala Lumpur could accommodate the increase in density.
“Can the current infrastructure cater to the increase in density? Can the roads be widened?
“Is our transportation system in place to fit the increasing demand of people, vehicles and parking spaces?
“DBKL should study the allowable density before approving on a case-by-case basis.
“The local government must make sure developers cannot increase density just for the sake of being eligible for the discount,” he said.
“Most households have two cars each and DBKL has yet to make a mandatory requirement of two parking bays per unit for condominiums, unlike Subang Jaya Municipal Council.
“If such rule is not in place, there will be a spillover of vehicles from condominiums to the main roads and never-ending problems such as double-parking and congestion.
Commenting on the other discount eligibility criterion, which was the conversion to higher land zoning, Chang said the consumers would be on the losing end too in that situation.
“For example, if a residential land was converted to commercial for development, the developer will enjoy a one-time discount but the end user is going to pay commercial rate for utility, quit rent and assessment tax which are significantly higher than residential rate, for a lifetime,” he pointed out.
A new homeowner, who only wanted to be known as Tan from Jalan Kelang Lama, said the trend of mixed developments on commercial land was forcing young adults like him to purchase such units because it was what they could afford.
“Landed property in the city is too expensive for middle-income families like mine.
“So we have no choice but to settle for cramped living in high-rises and pay commercial rate for everything.
“Every day, I face a gridlock on my way to and from work.
“Quality of life has gone downhill compared to when I was growing up in Kepong where my parents’ house is,” he said.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Penang is now known as "Penang City"!

Welcome to Penang Island..
Well no's Penang city now!

check out this article for more info

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pic) has announced MPPP president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail as the new mayor of the Penang Island City Council (MBPP). ― File pic
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pic) has announced MPPP president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail as the new mayor of the Penang Island City Council (MBPP). 
GEORGE TOWN, March 24 ― Penang has been officially declared a city by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

Lim said the island state was effectively a city since January 1 this year and announced Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail as the new mayor of the Penang Island City Council (MBPP). “Penang leads again by appointing the first female mayor in the state,” Lim told a press conference at his office in Komtar.

The official ceremony of Patahiyah’s appointment and the official handing over of the declaration of the city status by the Penang Yang diPertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas will be held on March 31.

With the upgrade from municipality to city status, it will give the city council more authority such as in traffic management and enforcement. The city council will also have more jurisdiction on the whole island which, including reclaimed lands, covers 305.773km of area.

The city status will also allow the council to open up an additional 388 vacancies for officers and staff on top of setting up four new departments, such as landscaping, heritage, enforcement and solid waste management and public cleanliness.

In line with the upgrade to city status, the state has lined a series of events from March 31 until April 26, including City Day Celebration on April 4. The state has been applying for Putrajaya to grant George Town city status since January 2010 and the Cabinet approved the application last November. Penang's capital,
George Town, was already given city status by way of royal charter from Queen Elizabeth II on January 1,1957, but this was not acknowledged by Putrajaya.

The whole of Penang including the mainland has two municipal councils, which are MPPP on the island and the Seberang Perai municipal council (MPSP)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

GST in Malaysia: Some things are cheaper!

GST: Some items to be cheaper

KUALA LUMPUR: The prices of television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric irons, hair dryers, diapers and soft drinks are expected to come down with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
These items have a 10% sales and services tax embedded in their prices, but with the GST replacing the SST in April, the lower 6% GST rate will make them cheaper.

However, the prices of computers, laptops, iPads, mobile phones, men’s watches and cosmetics, including lipstick and nail polish, are expected to go up. These were tax free in the past.

“These items will be subjected to the standard 6% GST rate,” said Customs Department director of GST Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy.
He said there would be no GST for essential food items such chicken, beef, mutton, fish, duck, fish, eggs, ikan bilis, rice, bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, coconut oil, peanut cooking oil, palm oil and infant formula as well as for petrol RON95, diesel, toll and public transport.

But non-essentials such as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, oyster sauce, cup noodles, luncheon meat, tempe, cheese, margarine, quail egg, corn oil, olive oil, biscuit, donut and croissant chocolate will be subjected to the standard 6% GST.

The Customs Department has released a book with the extensive list of taxable and non-taxable goods and this can be downloaded from its website.
“From a tax administrator’s point of view, it is easier if everything got taxed because it would make things simpler to implement,” Subromaniam said.

“But the Government doesn’t wish to tax so much and it wants to make sure that the low income group will not be unnecessarily burdened.

“So, we have to strike a balance between revenue and providing a social safety net.”

Subromaniam said businesses that did not know which goods were subjected to the GST and which were not should not add on the 6% because a lot of goods already have a 10% SST embedded in the pricing.

“If they don’t understand, they can ask the Customs people or check our book.”
Subromaniam said the department had been carrying out two-day hand-holding programmes over the past six months to get businesses ready for the GST and have trained over 40,000 people so far.

On whether it would be “messy” when the GST comes into effect, Subromaniam said: “There will be issues. The Customs Department has been dealing with these since 1972 with the SST and we have the experience and expertise to handle them.”

Source: The Star

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Here is a good chart of emergency call list whether you are making the call via land line and/or mobile/cell/hand phone wherever you are are in Malaysia.

Police / Ambulance Tel: 999 / 112 from a mobile telephone
Fire and Rescue Department (known as Bomba / Fire Brigade) Tel: 994 / 112 from a mobile telephone
Civil Defence Tel: 991
Tourist Police Hotline Tel: 03 2149 6590
Enquiries Tel: 03 2149 6593
National Poison Centre
: Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang
Tel: 04 657 0099 (Monday to Friday 08:00-10:00 and 17:00-22-00)
After hours Tel: 012 430 9499
Toll free: 1 800 888 099

Hope that helps!

****Don't dial "999" on your mobile phone, it will not work! Dial "112" *****

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shoplots to make way for new project

Residents and potential buyers looking to purchase properties or real estate at Teluk Kumbar area, rejoice! 
The new traffic update has been released! 

Follow the article below:


GEORGE TOWN: About 40 business premises and some residential homes along Jalan Bayan Lepas will soon have to make way for an overhead road project connecting Pekan Bayan Lepas to Teluk Kumbar.
State Works, Utilities and Transportation Committee chairman Lim Hock Seng said the RM207mil Federal project would also affect the Bayan Lepas police station and its quarters, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) quarters and the Bayan Lepas community hall.

“The project is to upgrade the Federal road from Teluk Kumbar to the Penang International Airport. It’s expected to be completed in August next year,” he said.

The project consists of two overhead bridges – a four-lane, 750m elevated structure from Jalan Teluk Kumbar to the airport and also an elevated U-turn.

It will also see the 3km stretch of the one-lane road from Jalan Teluk Kumbar to Jalan Bayan Lepas upgraded to a two-lane road.

The project is one of four traffic dispersal projects designed to help ease traffic after the second Penang Bridge was opened in in March.

The other three projects are the upgrading of the Bayan Lepas Expressway (BLE) from the bridge exit, upgrading of the state road from Jalan Negeri in Batu Maung to Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah and building a bridge across the Batu Maung junction-cum-roundabout.

It was reported that the total cost of the four projects was RM825mil.

Ng Kok Lam, 52, who owns three bicycle shops on the row of shoplots, welcomed the project as it would reduce the congestion and attract more people to the town.

“But I’m not sure if I will continue to run the business somewhere else or call it a day,” he said.
Ng said he had received his compensation and would need to evict within 30 days.

MCA’s Bayan Lepas branch chairman Ong Hoy Chin, 63, who runs a tailor shop there, said the project was a timely move.

“The number of vehicles here has increased. It could help ease the traffic jam,” he said.
Fabric shop owner Mohamad Sithik Askar, 30, said his business would be affected by the project.
“We’ve been running this business for the past 70 years. Now I’ve to find another place,” he said.


Friday, January 2, 2015

QZ8501: Blogger China Ramal Kehilangan Pesawat AirAsia, Angkara Tangan Hitam

Hey guys,

This is a repost of the Malay version of the report of a Chinese guy who had posted on Reddit regarding the unseemly forecast of the attack on Air Asia planes by apparently a group just plainly known as the "black hand" . Who are these people? What kind of organizations are they? 

Here's a copy of the original article by online news portal - Malaysian Digest 



KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang penulis blog atau 'blogger' misteri China mencetuskan kontroversi apabila dia sudah meramalkan satu pesawat AirAsia hilang iaitu 13 hari sebelum QZ8501 dilaporkan hilang, kelmarin.
Menerusi satu status yang mula menjadi 'viral' dalam kalangan pengguna media sosial, penulis blog tersebut muncul dengan memberi amaran kepada syarikat penerbangan bahawa sebuah lagi pesawat sedang menjadi sasaran oleh kumpulan yang digelar Tangan Hitam ('Black Hand').
Lebih mengejutkan, laporan portal berita antarabangsa Mail Online semalam melaporkan penulis blog itu mendakwa kumpulan Tangan Hitam itu turut bertanggungjawab terhadap dua insiden nahas pesawat milik penerbangan Malaysia, MAS iaitu MH370 dan MH17 sebelum ini.

Kehilangan pesawat AirAbus A320-200 yang membawa 162 orang penumpang dan anak kapal memasuki hari ketiga, hari ini.

Pesawat berkenaaan dalam perjalanan dari Surabaya ke Singpura dilaporkan hilang sejurus pesawat tersebut meminta menukar laluan berikutan cuaca teruk sebelum terputus hubungan dengan pusat kawalan trafik udara Jakarta pada 7.24 pagi waktu tempatan pada Ahad lalu.

Sejurus status tersebut menjadi ‘viral’, ia menimbulkan reaksi pelbagai daripada orang ramai khususnya pengguna laman sosial yang mempersoalkan ramalan yang dilakukan penulis blog itu.
Kenyataan yang ditulis oleh penulis blog misteri itu mula menjadi viral di laman sosial, RedditKenyataan yang ditulis oleh penulis blog misteri itu mula menjadi viral di laman sosial, Reddit

Bagaimanapun, wujud dakwaan mengatakan bahawa status itu telah disunting semula selepas kehilangan pesawat itu sebelum tersebar di laman sosial.
Dalam pada itu, satu komen pada 15 Disember lalu yang diterjemah salah seorang pengguna forum Reddit menyatakan penulis blog berkenaan telah memberi amaran terhadap kejadian kehilangan pesawat terbabit.
"Tangan Hitam telah merampas dan menembak jatuh MH370 dan MH17. Ini sudah cukup untuk membunuh syarikat penerbangan keenam terbesar, Penerbangan Malaysia.

"Sekarang, Tangan Hitam menyasar untuk merosakkan AirAsia kerana ia juga milik Malaysia.

"Memandangkan betapa kuatnya Tangan Hitam itu, saya mencadangkan semua rakyat China supaya mengelak daripada menggunakan AirAsia, supaya anda tidak hilang seperti MH370." katanya.

- mD


RIP QZ8501

It saddens me to announce that , yes it is Air Asia plane QZ8501 crashed at Indonesia
this is during the wake of the recent flooding incidents at Kelantan and other parts of Malaysia too 
Our heart goes out to the victims and their grieving loved ones during these moments...