Monday, January 21, 2013

Penang Laksa (another alternative type)

Hey guys!

So welcome, this is another series of "the secrets of Penang Island, Malaysia" haha!
Well, at least it is "my secret"! SSshhhhhh..!!
Today I will be exposing, no...introducing you to another favorite haunt of mine...

So i'm very sure everyone is so familiar with "Penang Laksa" or rather the famous "Penang Assam Laksa" that usually is found in Ayer Itam, gurney Drive, Balik Pulau and Tanjung Bungah right? 

Well, i found one, it's not the normal Chinese Assam Laksa, but its a modified Indian Laksa that has managed to hang on to my taste bud! 

If you are around Pulau Tikus area, look out for the CIMB Bank along Burma road and you will notice a colorful umbrella, with smoking hot soup!
Meet my buddy Raj, he has the most crispy poh pia and delicious laksa!
Yeah, im talking about this stall. Just a simple motorbike and umbrella!
In addition to Laksa, he also sells nonya kuih too! I personally love the kuih talam and the kaya kuih! (Forgot the actual name for it already. haha)
Raj is always ready with all the sauces and backup to handle the customers

The pot of Laksa soup, always heated up with charcoal fire
The Laksa soup is always hot, as there is always a burning hot charcoal under the pot to keep it warm and *just right* for serving! Soup comes with proper leaves and "asam" boay to keep its taste. The fish meat are all fine blended and mixed into the soup.
First stock of the day
The seller always prepares allot of stock to sell to his customers. Most of them are all regulars.
Poh Piah, best with Laksa soup as gravy or plain chilly sauce

Prawn Crackers, puffy, crunchy and delicious
My personal favorite, I usually add this in my soup (the seller will cut this up into smaller pieces for me), and I will ask him to add some chilly sauce, and chilly padi (smaller type of chilly that has a real punch of spiciness) into the soup! 
Tau Hu, Deep Fried soya curd
All these deep fried food is so delicious when mix with the laksa soup, when you deep or soak it inside, and then it you eat it! mmmm....!!!
His mobile stall is located in front of Goh Dental and CIMB Bank
For those who are not familiar, God Dental (Klinik Pergigian Goh) used to be the old Poly cafe Coffee shop! (I remembered the curry mee there, used to be so so good!) Now i'm not sure where the stall went
So this is how it looks like, without vege
Well i usually eat my laksa without vege because it gives me a "sour" taste, especially with the cucumber in it. So no thanks for me, just plain onions (bawang) will do! Also, I prefer lots of "Har kor" (prawn paste) in my Laksa! It makes the soup taste lovely! Ahh...the true Penangnite taste (spicy, salty and sour + sweet)
This is me, enjoying my top 10 favorite meal!

Okay gonna end my photos, cause im hungryyyy !!!
Sometimes, when I have no time for a 20 minutes lunch break, This is my 10 minutes, and very satisfying too!

The Laksa is selling at RM 2.50 a bowl (if not mistaken)
The Prawn Crackers, Soya Curd (Tau kuah) and Poh Piah (rolled vege) [all these are DEEP FRIED] are selling at RM 0.80 per-piece. 

Well, this Laksa is really good for me, but it may not be the same for you. But if you love it too, then we share something in common! If you have any other good recommendations, please do let me know so I can experience it too :) 
Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia There are so many types of Laksa in Penang, hope to blog all about it - one day soon! 
Penang Penang Penang Penang Penang Penang Penang Penang Penang Cheers!

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