Friday, December 21, 2012

YMCA Penang: wants you!



This is an open invitation to anyone that wants to have a chance to link up or partner with the Ymca Penang to conduct projects for the community..
It may not be for the general community but even for your social groups...

Please PM me your ideas and see if we can partner with you. I am arranging a few programs myself...

Do let me know as we are submitting our budget for 2013 soon :)

Here are some ideas:
Music Band performances/ cattle of the bands/ competition - drums, guitar, solos, song writing/ composing
Dance (K-Pop, Hip-hop, Salsa, Modern)
Painting, Art, open canvass
Sports: Badminton, Dodge ball, Basket Ball,
Holiday Trips
Business opportunities (learning, classes)

We are already proposing a Christian song writing competition soon and also a dodgeball competition (as YMCA already emerge as champions for our last event)
We are even looking at finding talents for photography and model shoots

Welcome to all individuals, groups, events companies, talents, ect...
come and grow your talents with us!
Doesn't matter if your not a YMCA Pg member, (but if you are better)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

YMCA Penang: Flyer for 2013

Hey Guys!
The spotlight is currently on YMCA Penang, and this is very interesting...
YMCA Penang (Young Men's Christian Association) is very open to the public and it is NOT only for fact YMCA is for everyone! It's open to the general public

Their views are very liberal and their thinking is very open! 
So here it is! The YMCA Penang Flyer for 2013 


This is the latest flyer from them, so check it out!
YMCA Penang is also looking for talents that might want to bring their ideas out, or to conduct certain workshops, or hopes to attend certain workshops or empowerment. YMCA Penang can help you! 

Call Michael 0164207727 for more info :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Contact information for Malaysian government officials

Hey Penang Point readers!
I came across this contact sheet that is important enough to share:

Contact information for Malaysian government officials

Contact information for Malaysian government officials:

Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng: / 04-2614424 / 04-6505112

Penang Minister of Local Government, YB Mr. Chow Kon Yeow: / 04-2619888 / 04-6505133

Penang Minister of Town and County Planning, YB Mr. Wong Hon Wai: / 04-2610763 / 04-6505138

Penang Minister of Tourism Development, YB Mr. Law Heng Kiang: / 04-2619012 / 04-6505136

Penang Minister of Industry Development, YB Mr. Mansor bin Othman: / 04-6505131 / 04-2619905

Penang Minister of State Economic Planning, YB Prof. Dr. Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy: / 04-2629930 / 04-6505134

Penang Minister of Women, Family, and Community Development, YB Ms. Ong Kok Fooi: / 04-2614590 / 04-6505137

Penang Minister of Health and Welfare, Caring Society, Environment, YB Mr. Phee Boon Poh: / 04-2620860 / 04-6505387

Penang Minister of Agriculture, YB Mr. Law Choo Kiang: / 04-2620862 / 04-6505386

Penang State Secretary, YB Dato’ Zainal Rahim bin Seman: / 04-6505150/04-2615613

Leaders of the Penang MPPP, Sr. Tan Cheng Chui and Ar. Patahiyah bt. Ismail: /

General Manager of the World Heritage Organisation in George Town, Ms. Maimunah Bt. Mohd. Sharif: / 04-2592210

Commissioner of Heritage: /

Penang State- Principal Asst. Secretary:

For contact information for Penang state assembly members, please click here

For contact information for other MPPP officials, please click here

For contact information for Federal government officials, please click here

For contact information for government officials in other Malaysian States, please click here