Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle set world on ‘fire’

So, whats so special about eating maggie mee or instant noodles these days? 

Previously, every kid, teenager, working adults and most adults know the name of any instant noodle to be "maggie mee" - a trusted brand to satisfy the tummy and taste buds but now, comes a bigger player that wins the hearts of the locals..and apparently locals at heart who are all around the globe! 

Yes, everyone is talking about the MyKuali Penang White Curry mee!! I stumbled across this artilce and cant say i'm prouder to see that this is originated from Penang, Malaysia and we have managed to breakthrough to international markets! 

Come let's read and know more about Penang's White Curry Mee Instant noodle/ ramen! 


MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle came in No.7 on popular noodle blog Ramen Rater. – The Malaysian Insider pix by Hasnoor Hussein, December 23, 2013.Curry mee is one of Penang's culinary achievements. Now, in the form of instant noodles, the dish is set to tantalise taste buds in the West.

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle came in No. 7 on popular noodle blog Ramen Rater's “Top 10 spiciest instant noodles of all time 2013” and with the “fame”, it is set to hit supermarket shelves in Europe and the United States next year.

Its manufacturer, Sky Thomas Food Industries Sdn Bhd, will also repackage the product in cup form by early 2015.
Sky Thomas Food Industries marketing manager Thomas Tang said the product, which was only introduced in May this year, had sold more than 50,000 cartons nationwide, recording a turnover of about RM1.5 million per month up to November.

With one carton containing 48 packages of four packets of noodles each, Sky Thomas has sold 9.6 million packets of its Penang White Curry Noodle locally in six months.

The numbers are impressive, considering that the product is only sold in selected supermarkets, mini-markets and wet markets.  

Sky Thomas Food Industries marketing manager Thomas Tang says the firm has big plans for its instant noodles. "However, we are expanding our local market next year. The product will be available in Giant Hypermarkets and Cold Storage."

He said 60% went to the local market while the rest washipped to Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom.

"Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are our biggest clients abroad now. They order a few containers each month," he said.

Sky Thomas' first instant noodle in its MyKuali line was a relatively unknown brand until it shot to global fame after getting a five-star rating from American noodle reviewer, Hans Lienesch, who runs the Ramen Rater noodle blog, in August.

Lienesch, who has reviewed more than 1,000 instant noodles, said MyKuali Penang's White Curry Noodle "is a curry lover's dream".

"This is Malaysia’s first time on any of my top 10 lists. This is some really hot and fiery curry. It’s also one of the best curry instant noodles I’ve ever had. The noodles are a little thicker and the curry paste is ample.

"The noodles are a little wider than your typical instant and have a very nice chew to them and are top notch. The broth is amazing; deep curry flavour. Spicy too – really spicy! This broth is so rich... it’s a curry lover’s dream. I’m very pleased with this one – 5.0 out of 5.0 stars."

The curry mee lost out to five South Korean brands that are constant chart toppers on the blog, and one Indonesian brand, which was ranked fifth. The Indomie noodle included cili padi in the mix.

Asked why Sky Thomas chose curry noodle as its first instant noodle, Tang said it was a hawker staple in Penang.

"It is more familiar to consumers and we hope to take this famous Penang hawker food everywhere in the world," he said, adding that consumers will find the instant noodle a top quality product as it came with curry powder made of more than 30 types of natural ingredients and spices.

Tang, who founded Sky Thomas, said his company is also sending its new MyKuali Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles and Penang Style Tom Yum Noddles to Lienesch for reviews. – December 23, 2013.

December 23, 2013

Talking about this, the noodles are grabbed so fast from the shelves that I had not personally tried them yet!~ Photos have gone viral on social networking sites, especially on facebook (fB) and tweeter! 

My my, lets all grab one and try it today!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snake Skin products and the crulity of it

Well, I think anyone that knows me know that I share a special interest deep in my heart for reptiles, especially snakes! 

 Yiks! Why snakes??? 

Yeah..I really like snakes, but the thing that I don't get is why people buy snake skin products? 

I mean, yes I have INTEREST for them, I hope to get an up close view of them (especially king cobra's) but however to tear them apart just to get their skin, even that is wayyyy too much for me! That's cruelty!~

I have found this interesting/ shocking article on snakes, and sadly..this too is practiced in Malaysia. This article is taken off: (source) 

Credit goes to the writer! So here it is! Enjoy..or shocked by the read!


Snakes are remarkable animals, but they have an unearned negative reputation. Some people have even come to fear these stunning animals, but in reality, snakes have more reasons to fear us.

Every year, at least 440,000 pythons are slaughtered in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam—just to be made into shoes and handbags! The real number is probably way higher because this number doesn’t include the thousands of illegally traded pythons who are exported annually.

Most are torn from their own homes deep in the jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Once they are captured, their heads are often forced down and cut off with a machete. Others have their heads nailed to a tree and their skins slowly peeled off. Because of their slow metabolisms, snakes remain conscious and are able to feel pain and fear even after they have their heads cut off.

If they aren’t beheaded or nailed to a tree, they are beaten to death. Their jaws are forced open so that a tube can be jammed down their throats, then their bodies are pumped full of water to make their skins easier to remove. Ropes are tied tightly around their necks to prevent any fluid from escaping their bodies.

It can take up to 10 minutes for snakes to die.

Their bodies are slit open from end to end to loosen their once strong and protective skin.

Once the skin is limp, it is ripped from the snakes’ bodies. The snakes’ skins are no longer their own and are now the prized possessions of their captors. The skins are shipped off to tanneries to be treated with chemicals and sold to the fashion industry.

Many snakes are still alive as they are tossed into a pile of other snakes and left to die slowly. They often suffer for several days before dying from dehydration.

Snakes are not the only animals who suffer for fashion. Millions of lizards, alligators, crocodiles, and other reptiles are violently killed every year so that their skins can be torn from their bodies to make wallets, belts, boots, and handbags. Reptiles may be cold-blooded, but wearing their skins is cold-hearted.

So with that, please think twice before buying another snake skin product! 

"Change starts with anyone, why not begin with you?"

Friday, November 29, 2013

Gambar Buaya Dalam Laut Di Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang / Picture of a Crocodile at port waters of Penang

Happy Friday everyone!~

So guess whats new in Penang?
I opened my social media portal and this image was flodding everywhere!'s not a picture of a "flood area" - tho I know that Penang has recently been hot by flood by these sudden flash storms and I had personally seen especially houses at Bukit Mertajam being flooded to the door. I really feel for those restaurants that are operating. Because of the flood, no one can get in or out... 

BUT This! This is open seas! 
Somebody at the Penang port spotted this crocodile/ alligator (unsure and unconfirmed of the actual species yet) that is almost 3 meters (9 feet +) swimming at open seas!
Well, this is indeed something rare and unique...
I love fishing, but anglers like me dont see this too often, in fact NEVER at all! 

This is indeed a rare discovery in Penang!! 
for more info, please read the article below taken from one of Malaysian top blog:

Gambar Buaya Dalam Laut Di Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang 
Picture of a Crocodile at port waters of Penang 
on Thursday, 28 November 2013 at 10:10

Mohd Asyraf, Seorang kakitangan Pelabuhan Pulau Pinang terserempak dengan seekor buaya berhampiran dengan pelabuhan berkenaan. Lokasinya adalah diantara jambatan dan BWCT Penang Port..

Mohd Asyraf berkata, kejadian terbabit disedari dua pemandu bot kira-kira jam 5 petang. Menurutnya, dia sendiri hairan bagaimana buaya sepanjang lebih tiga meter itu memasuki kawasan laut.

"Saya dan rakan-rakan mengambil gambar buaya berkenaan, memang pada kami ini kejadian yang aneh kerana buaya di Pulau Pinang sukar untuk ditemui.

“Kalau di kawasan sungai pun sukar hendak jumpa buaya, apatah lagi di kawasan pantai, mungkin ia buaya sesat,” katanya.

Beliau turut menyangkal ia biawak besar kerana kejadian berkenaan disaksikan beberapa individu yang lain.

Eng Version (Translated by Google Translate):

Mohd Ashraf, A Penang Port staff came across a crocodile near the port. The location of this incident is between the bridge and BWCT Penang Port ..

Mohd Ashraf said the incident involved two boat drivers who then noticed this incident about 5pm. He said he wondered how the more than three-meter crocodile entered the sea.

"Me and my friends took pictures of the crocodile, as it a strange event because crocodiles in Penang is extremely hard to find.

"If the river was difficult to see crocodiles, especially in coastal areas, it may stray crocodile," he said.
(own comments: Crocodile findings are indeed rare here, including rural coastal areas)
He also thought at first that it was a large lizard. The incident was also witnessed by several other individuals.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sleep: can indicate your personality type and who you are!

Did you know that the way you sleep can reveal your personality?
Come, lets take a look at this article: 

The Most Common Sleeping Positions

Do you have an idea about what your sleeping position reveals about you? A great indicator to find out some details about your personality is the sleep position. Check the image, find what picture represents you, then read the meaning.
  1. Foetus: These are usually guff people, but with warm and open hearts. They appear tough, but they are actually very sensitive.
  2. Log: This position`s fans are very relaxed and sociable people.
  3. Yearner: This kind of sleepers are quite reserved. They are open to new things, but very suspicious and cynical. Once they make up their mind, they stick to it.
  4. Soldier: They are quiet people, who set a very high standard for themselves
  5. Freefaller: They tend to be confident, but have a very nervous personality and do not like criticism. They are very good at making quick decisions.
  6. Starfish: These are very good listeners. They are very friendly, but don`t like being the center of attention 

need more details?
Men's health has some! Read the article below for better understanding

What Your Sleep Position Says About You 

To sleep perchance to dream -- and reveal who you really are.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, analyzed the six most common sleep positions in a survey conducted with 1000 participants and found that not only do these positions affect our health -- but they're also linked to specific personality types. These are:

The Freefall

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: Lying on your stomach with hands up around the pillow and head turned to one side.
Personality: Freefallers are often extroverted and brash people. They appear nervy, but are truly thin-skinned people who take criticism personally.
Health Benefit: Freefall -- or any position in which you're lying face down -- is good for digestion.

The Fetus

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: Curled up on your side. This is the most common sleeping position, adopted by 41 percent of the 1,000 people who took part in Professor Idzikowski's survey.
Personality: Those who sleep in the fetus are described as tough on the outside, but shy and sensitive at heart. They may take time to warm up to people, but soon relax.
Health Benefit: Sleeping on your left side can cause stress on your vital organs (liver, stomach, lungs), so if fetus is your position of choice, curl up on the right side of your body.

The Log

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: Lying on your side with both arms down by your side.
Personality: Log sleepers are social, easygoing people. The downside: their tendency to trust anyone -- including complete strangers -- makes them easy to fool.
Health Benefit: This position keeps the spine straight, which should be beneficial for those who suffer from back pain.

The Yearner

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: On your side with both arms out in front.
Personality: Yearners are open to new things, but also suspicious and cynical. They take a long time to make decisions - weighing pros and cons repeatedly - but once they make a choice, they almost never change their mind or have regrets.
Health Benefit: Resting on your side can help alleviate some problems associated with acid reflux disease and sleep apnea. But if such symptoms are a common occurrence, you may need to see a specialist.

The Soldier

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: Lying on your back with both arms at your sides.
Personality: Soldier sleepers are generally quiet and reserved. They don't like to make a big deal out of things, and they set very high standards for themselves and others.
Health Benefit: Research shows that sleeping on your back may lead to snoring, difficulty breathing, and an overall bad night's sleep. Is your snoring keeping someone awake at night? Try flipping over -- you'll both wake up more refreshed.

The Starfish

  What Your Sleep Position Says About You -- 
Position: Lying on your back with both arms up.
Personality: Starfish sleepers are described as great listeners and thus good friends. They're always willing to offer help and generally don't like being in the limelight.
Health Benefit: Like the soldier, starfish sleepers are more likely to snore and have breathing problems while they sleep, resulting in a less refreshing night's rest.

with that being said, I hope all of you have good quality sleep!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Top Hair Styles for Men! - 2014

So everyone's fashion sense is so updated these days!

Let's check out what is new and trending in this article that I found on a girls site, so to especially to all the boys and men out there - here is: Top Hair Styles for Men!

A promise is a promise so… another Wednesday, another Men post on FashionTag, this time less on fashion and more on style & looks. On the UNDERCUT to be more specific, the one haircut and men-hairstyle that’s been going on for quite sometime, reminiscent of those 1940′s dapper looks. What is the UNDERCUT? 
“I’d like to shave my head, but still have long hair please.” No problem. Well, this is the undercut: shaved on the sides and long in the front hairstyle. Say what you will about it, truth is, it’s got so many options, from super edgy, to toned down, from extravagant to office appropriate, it’s so versatile and flattering on most face shapes – that it’s no wonder boys are getting it like crazy. Hell, women are chopping off their locks to get it, so there’s definitely something going on about this cut. Boys, if you have it, or you had it, kudos for you! but if not, what the hell are you waiting for? Or perhaps you feel it’s ubiquitous hence boring? No such thing. Trust us. The Undercut is the shit. This is how we wish all our boyfriends looked like, and we know you can pull it off. 


How To Do The Undercut?

If you’re blessed with a good head of hair, I’d be a pity not to shave off your sides and leave your upper part longer.
if you’ve got a dapper style: sleek it back like those 1940′s mobsters.
if you’re a rockenroll child: the sky’s the limit super shaved on sides & sleeked back, or even disheveled, or side parted.
If you’re more of a smart casual kinda guy, keep it simple: do the toned down version of it.
Sporty boy: take your pick.

The point is, it will look fantastic and blend in your style regardless of it. You can go extreme on it, or keep it rather classic. You can wear your front hair as long as you want, sleeked back or not, side parted, and shave your sides as deep as you feel like it, or go gradual. Don’t be afraid to have fun & experiment, it’s only hair. It’ll grow back.
And since we’re talking fashion… here’s some inspiration on what men should wear this winter.  

If you’ve got a receding hairline, do not despair. Think David Beckham or Jude Law. Both have had this undercut and pulled it off brilliantly. So where there’s a will, there’s a way.


OK, I agree the undercut is perhaps overly present and every men and boy out there is getting it, from those famous faces to your best friend or neighbor. But sometimes, just sometimes, when such a cool trend comes along, you just have to say fuck it and jump on board. Scared you’ll look like the rest, are you? Well that’s why the undercut comes with infinite style possibilities. See for yourself

What do you think?
- I think we should all consider this, why not? It's fashion anyway