Saturday, January 19, 2013

ASTRO's Ulala Chinese New Year 2013 project @ Penang Esplanade

Hi Guys! 

I saw this post of facebook posted by George Town's official fB page yesterday:

Want to be featured on Astro channels? Want to show your support towards the Chinese New Year Ulala special project?
Astro promo team is shooting a promo advert video clip for the Chinese New Year ULALA... this afternoon, 2pm, in front of City Hall, Esplanade.

Bring along yourself, your parents, your grandparents, your children, your grandchildren, your uncles, your aunties, your nieces, your nephews, your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues, and everybody to join the fun!

See you later 2pm at City Hall, Esplanade!
So we went to check it out! 
I did some coverage on the venue and found out it is related to the Chinese Cheng Gay competition, happening tomorrow, which is at the Penang Esplanade area! (In front of Georgetown's beautiful city hall)

Wow, what a beautiful sight to behold, the colonial structure still standing in majesty
So i was looking for the person in charge, and i saw the team gathering for the photo shoot...

Gathering under the shady tree, preparing for the shoot

ASTRO's Media crew getting the 1Malaysia rep in position for their shot

so this is what happens "behind the scene"
The sun was heating up, and together with the warm humid breeze from the sea, everyone was sticky but the atmosphere of excitement was undeniable!
I think after their 3rd take, our Indian brother amazingly spoke very good mandarin!
The things a hot scorching sun can make you do! #Wonders! (lol, i just gotta put that hash tag here!)

"Did I do it right this time?" 

the team is getting ready for a "show off"!

ASTRO Ulala production team prepping the children for their scene

And them team goes right on it! Look at them go! Marvelous!!

"okay, is everyone sure they got it right?"

The activities heating up! Whoa!

It's like playing a football trick, only thing with a HUGE GIANT flag

"Yeah, i think you guys are ready now..."

Owh! Look at that! They brought in their own lion dance, ready for the shoot!

Drummer boy looks ready too! Are we ready to kick it in, boys?
This is very interesting! Did you know that this group created their own "head", which is very similar to the lion or dragon head used for the lion dance. This is a "mini version" (made from rattan i think), and used by a single person!

looks like it is the lion's small little friends, dancing with him! haha
very interesting indeed! First time seeing this and learning new things about my Asian culture :)

Preparation, and who's the chick? :D

Some serious dancing is going to happen. They have their own customized "heads" too...interesting!

Ah, the old faithful sign of Padang Kota Lama, now with Trishaws awaiting tourist
In the end, I couldn't stay for the whole shoot...we got hungry and went for the special all famous "mee sotong" which caused me RM6.00 .

Nevertheless, it was good and a fulfilling meal! 

Regreat not taking pictures there tho :(
We'll leave it for another time

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