Monday, August 27, 2012

Crepe Cottage, Gurney Drive, Penang

Hey guys!

I was really unsatisfied with the night pictures, so I came here again to Gurney Drive to check out the little cottage that serves good pancakes and turns out it has a name! The cafe is called "Crepe Cottage" and it is located right on the day busy, night calm road of Gurney Drive!
Address @ 77A, Persiaran Gurney

The out look of Crepe Cottage - "the ultimate Pancake & Ice Cream Palor

Located next to the famous "Coffee Island"

Another view from the left of the cottage

Regular joggers along the stretch of Gurney Drive

A view from inside the cottage. There are about roughly 10 tables of various sizes inside the cottage. Outside, there are about 4 tables with can accommodate 4 persons.

Another view of the seating inside the cottage.

Oh look! Yummies for the sweet tooth!

The menu. This time I managed to grab some pictures of the's not full, but it would give you an idea of the items and also the prices.

Starters, soups and some others....

Sundaes!! Yes! Diet would have to wait another day...!

Some for the options offered....

A view from the seat outside!

My selected choice! The no.6 Peppermint twist 'n' shake (RM 8.50). Well, I'm crazy for pepper int so...

Crepe Cottage's operating hours are from 6.30 pm (evening) - 12 pm (midnight). They are open everyday expect on Tuesdays. For reservation, you can call Agnes at 019-448168

Mike Cheong

Gurney Drive - at night

Hey guys,

Today we're gonna talk about the famous Gurney Drive, of Penang! Yes this is the spot that you want to check out, whether local or a visitor in this beautiful island. In this post, I will be showing you a little bit of the night scene at a particular stretch which I managed to cover.

Why? Well it's simply because Gurney Drive is one of the main contributors to the famous "Pear of the Orient" name that was given because of its beauty that was known worldwide. Did you know that The state of Penang is so blessed? Coming to Penang gives everyone a total different feel, a beauty to behold on its own - apart from mother land Malaysia.

Anyways, these Pictures were taken of my iPad cam, but I guess it captures the environment of a certain segment along the Gurney Drive walk way (a walkway that was built along side of the shore line)

Here is a little cottage that seems very cosy and nice. They serve good pancakes and delicacies that make your sweet tooth scream for more! I heard the Tom yum here is spicy and good too! A regular haunt for teenagers and young working youths alike.
Here's a picture facing the infamous coffee island along Gurney Drive. Can't say much about the coffee, but the food here is good! The environment here too is cosy and comfortable. They have indoor and outdoor seating (for smokers) or people who just love the out doors. They serve both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and beverages.
Bali Hai restaurant boldly claimes in their slogan - "if it swims, we have it". When I was a younger I would come and stare at their giant aquariums and their giant like fishes and crabs. Here they serve quite good seafood but we advised that their pricing is also huger then the rest, but patrons would enjoy their envorment here. Very Balinese style.
A view of the walk way.
There is a 7-11 convienient shop open for 24 hours here. Walk in anytime and any day of your choice and they would be ever ready to serve and cater for your mini shopping needs.
Next to it is the Zouk Spa. This is a massage palor that has both female and male masseurs. Most of them are from China and know their job well. Their Per-hour rate for a full body massage would be around RM50-60. They have food reflexology massages, head massages and ect..
That's all for now, will be posting more stuff soon!