Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holiday Time!!


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Will be taking a break, and I'm off with my buddies to Genting Highlands!!
Yeah, I guess this is another "cuti-cuti Malaysia" but hey, I love the place!! (Especially the cool weather)

This is really a much deserved break for me, always from all the thinking and planning..a short one before the planning of the next event i'm part organizing! It's gonna be great!!

I guess I will be doing allot of sleeping in and also exploring! 
Hope to have my beloved favorite "Curry Laksa" which is also curry mee btw, I have no Idea why it's called "Curry Laksa"!? But I guess out of Penang or rather the north side of Malaysia, its just not recognized as "mee" but "Laksa"..., but yo me, as long as it's tasty, that's good enough for me :D 

I will be taking of photos and quite excited about it!~ Holding on to my new Sony Cyber Shot! 
Will keep you guys posted ;)


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