Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recent Genting Highlands Trip - Pt 1

Hello everyone!

Come around and let me tell you of an adventure trip we took to super cool Genting Highlands!
You are in for a treat! I have pictures to show you on my entire journey!

and yes
We are up, up and away!
Yes, I was certainly "blown" away by the cool breeze that greeted me on my way up. Genting Highlands's "cool breeze" certainly defines "cool" on another scale! (coming from a Penang guy who have lived life on a tropical island) haha
It's a long winding road to the top! My sincere respect to "Uncle Lim" that have started the vision to build this path up for all of us to enjoy..thank you!
The roads are so misty! But that's what we all love about Genting Highlands isn't it?
Beautiful oak trees standing strong. The climate is so suitable for the trees growth and nurturing !
I had the chance to stop by Tan Sri (Dr) Lim Goh Tong's memorial hall. Tan Sri Lim is also better known as "uncle Lim" by most local people. People remember him as a cheerful guy who was kind and also fiercely passionate about his dream. Well, due to that dream that he had, now everyone can enjoy Genting Highlands as a resort and super cool get away!

The fishes here are huge!
The rainforest trees just towering majestically above me

Morning Glory soaking up fresh dew from the atmosphere! So refreshing!~
Finally we had arrived at our hotel: Genting Highlands first world hotel! Thank God the queue was short as we were all so tired and needed our rest. A long queue may take for hours, this is why there is even a ticket counter board at the casino so that guest may leave their baggage at their respective area and head towards the casino for some game time while waiting to check in the hotel
So whats the first thing you will do when you check into a hotel after a 5 hour drive?
Ah I just love the greetings of loud cheers and screams for the amusement park, i really do (not)! Well..perhaps after some sleep and rest it will all just go away..
Attempted HDR effect, hehe
Well, the first thing we gotta do after such a long drive is - charge up the devices! I must say that our electronic gadgets keep sucking out battery power faster and faster these days! Screen size are getting larger and larger and we grow to be more and more dependent on battery charging! Halt! Open the flood gates of portable battery charges please!
Uhh!! The mist is here! I love the mist! ahhh...such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside - freezing cold on the outside tho :/
Well, again I must say - can you blame this tropical island guy for getting all excited about the mist? Hey, its not something I can see everyday...if this happens on the island, its not the "cool mist"..its the haze, baby!

The view of Genting's theme park! so much fond memories of me there! Well..will be heading there soon for a blast again! (Gotta get those adrenaline pump system up and full speed ahead soon) ;)
But first..lets get some sleep!

Woke up and found that it was almost sun down..
so what woke me up from such beauty sleep? Ahh....Well it was my internal alarm tummy! 
This is us, dining at one of our favorite dinner spot! You know you are close to be "haunting" the place when the waitress remembers your face even after 2 months of absence... :0
What could I ask more when I could have a classic cup of hot Chinese tea up at the cold mountain?
One of em billboards

Tho the shop was crowded, the service here is quite efficient!
For those "breathers", you can purchase your needs here...
The servers are dressed in striking orange! Nice colour I must commend
So..where is our food?
Ah, mine came! I love their curry laksa! One of my favorite orders here! Now now, not every body loves this spicy delight, but I for sure will never cancel it out of my top 30 "hitlist" for food when I am in the area.
"So I'm gonna take one last shot..dont touch your meal, 
okay, your giving me that "look"..
shot taken..please enjoy your meal in peace! "
This guy however looks eager, well pleased and ready to FEAST! 
Welllll... that's all for part 1 of my recent trip from Penang to to Genting Highlands, gonna upload more pictures and footage to share soon
So until then, tooled-doo! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Road trip familiars - Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Hi Penang Pointers! 

Whenever I am on a road trip, II guess these are the common sights I see! 
I wanted to share it with you guys because I think that you would have similar experiences too!
So here it is! Random pictures of road trips when I cuti-cuti Malaysia! 
These are from Penang Island, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands and more..! 

open roads!

A familiar sight of rocky terrain, somewhere along the driveway to Ipoh

Morning has broken and we have yet to reach our destination!
Don't I love the racing lights and streak of cloud on the sky lines after the rain?

An open road, I guess that's the travel, you cant see the end and the destination, but you are sure you would get there. It's just a matter of time

Ah yes! I am sure travelers will recognize or find familiar this photo in an instant! It's one of the rest stops and this area has a particular calming effect on me. I just stand there and soak up the atmosphere of flowing water and greenery. Then I feel refresh to go again!

I particularly love this picture! it looks like a rainbow vs some alien or evil form. Well Good always prevails over evil. Cloud formation surely brings up the imaginative side of me!

Over time, I grew to be fond of this saying:
"All who wander are not lost, and all who are lost are not wanderers"
what say you?

An evening at QE2 and TRIMIX @ Penang

Imagine way way way back! haha!

Hello Penang Pointers,

So guess what happen on the 5th day of CNY? We went out to party with Trimix at QE2 !!
QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2) is a chic place to go clubbing!
Imagine trimix hitting their trance track while the party animals were fist pumping the whole night through! Whoa..what a russssshhh !!! 

The view was indeed beautiful, as it points out directly into the open seas of weld quay area. Nothing like a cold ice tiger beer to go accompanied with such splendid atmosphere!

The place was pretty packed!
I was particularly fond of the bar! With the table top filled with alcoholic beverages, the servers was very courteous to our thirst needs and worked as fast as they could to satisfy that hunger for more!

man, was the crowd C-R-A-Z-Y!
Look! Who's up there? It's Trimix!!! My all time fav DJ group! 

Blast from the past! Met a friend there, so apparently she also turns out to be a clubbing kaki too! She asked me, "Mike, why dont i see you at clubs?" I replied "Oh, I'm one in a blue moon clubber" haha!
It's true! I hardly go clubbing anymore...maybe i;m passing that stage when maturity of age kicks in and the once upon a time "exciting" places seems too loud and rowdy.. 
Well..anyways.. :P 
Oh look! Dj's in the house!
Put cho hand's up!

Caught up with Dj Ramsey Westwood! Didnt get to hear him spin tho, because I was fashionably late (as usual) - but then again, was glad to see him around!
This dude was rockin it!

Caught up with Bill! a course mate of mine from KDU Penang!
Also got the chance to catch up with Jessica Tan, one of my other good friend and famous blogger in Malaysia! Got to meet her hot friend on the right too ^^
When there was too much party, a pretty serene scene always seems to lights up my mood
My brothers! Well not all of them could make it but we had a blast anyway! Awesome times :)
Awesome Jessica Tan! Check out her blog at

Trimix on the deck! Let me say it again...... Trimixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!! Love their tracks! <3

I super love this picture!! It's got everyone here!

All in all, we really had a great time! Thanks to Trimix, QE2 and awesome friends! Looking forward to the next upcoming event!