Monday, February 10, 2014

Tourism of Malaysia: looking good, steady & healthy!

Malaysia's tourism looks healthy! Just look at the growth! 
Congrats and well done! Let's toast to another good year of increase ahead!!

The report of 2012 boasts 60.6 Billion receipts and the arrival of 25.03 million international guest!

To our beloved guest & visitors:
To thee our beloved guest, I bid thee WELCOME and SELAMAT DATANG to our beloved homeland and country Malaysia! 

My personal thoughts and opinions:
I have to say: Wow, OMG, thats allot of money! So....where is the income that was generated from theses ventures, where does it go to and will it be used to help beautify our beloved Malaysia or help the rakyat (local community) to improve and better ourselves?
How will this sector help to improve our ringgit? 
If yes, then where can we find released and published materials of these initiatives so that we can applaud and approve your ventures. I mean...the citizens have the right to know right? 
Or am I wrong? Or do we just sit down at home not knowing how our country is being handled and how our financial system works? hmmm :/ 

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