Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trying the MyKuali Penang White Curry Mee instant noodle

Last year I did a post about the latest craze of instant noodle madness that hit Malaysia and through the whole world! And what craze was this? It is non other then the ever famous Penang White Curry Mee!

The Social media isnt helping at all! Due to the photo postings flying about on facebook, tweeter, instagram and tumblr - people are feeling hungry just by looking at photos! Everyone makes a mental note to rush to the nearest TESCO or Giant hypermarket just to get a packet, only to be dissapointed to find that it is no longer in stock.

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to finally taste it!
Soak the noodles into a bowl. I was hungry so 2 packets was just right for me!  
Lately, there has been a surge in white curry mee productions by various groups. Today, I finally had the chance to try the brand from MyKuali. MyKuali's Penang White Curry mee has been seriously out of reach due to its massive market demand as of lately.

I choose to microwave my noodles! The fastest and best way to cook! :)
Hmmmm...expectations are rising high already and tummy rumbling! 

pouring out the access water..leaving just the right amount to have the right taste for the soup

inserting the soup flavouring
inserting the curry chilly paste!
The chilly paste is really spicy! Immediately when opening the sealed plastic packet, I could already smell the sharp but sweet aroma from it! 

Mixing the chilly paste with the soup is a choice
For me, this is quite important! I love thickness of the soup in my meals. Some people prefer to just mix a small amount of proportion into the soup because MyKuali's Penang White Curry mee is known for its spiciness  
Okay! The mixing and cooking is all done! Time to eat! 
Personal verdict and review:
It was not a disappointment! The noodles are really NORMAL but its the soup the counts. To me, I was really sweating due to the spiciness of the curry chilly paste. It has a nonya kind of feel, because of the creamer. Thus, the soup is creamy and rich! It also has proper spices and "rempah" included in its package. 

As a spicy food type of person, I really couldn't find much fault with the white curry mee. However I was really unhappy with the limited availability of the product. The price keeps increasing due to the overwhelming demand of the market.

But in a nutshell, its worth a try
Rating: 3.5/5

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