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RE: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5s

So Penang lang, have you thought about which smart phones to buy?
There is of course the great iPhone which is all slick, cool and full of style
OR the ever loveable Android that always comes in handy, almost fully customizable and full of juice

Well, here is what an Australian website had to say, what do you guys think? 


SAMSUNG announced its Galaxy S5 this morning to a packed crowd here in Barcelona with some pretty nifty tricks included, but how does it compare to Apple’s hero phone, the iPhone 5s? 

Fingerprint scanner
The obvious comparison is Samsung’s inclusion of a fingerprint scanner which was first introduced into mainstream devices last year in Apple’s iPhone 5s to critical acclaim. Samsung’s inclusion comes as no surprise and works in much the same way as Apple’s does with a simple swipe over the home button. Unlike the iPhone 5s, the Galaxy S5 also allows you to use the scanner to lock and unlock apps and files on top of being able to unlock your screen.

Super screen
The screen on the Galaxy S5 is a vibrant 5.1-inch full HD display and when put next to the iPhone 5s, it really is clear that Apple needs an upgrade in this department, with the Galaxy S5’s screen making the iPhone’s feel like a kid’s phone.

Build quality
While the textured polycarbonate rear is nicer than the old plastic, the design still doesn’t feel as solid and premium as the brushed metal and glass design of the iPhone 5s.

Camera wise, on paper the Galaxy S5 has the iPhone beaten with a 16-megapixel camera versus the iPhone’s 8-megapixels plus lightening fast auto-focus, selective focus and real-time HDR mode. The auto-focus on the S5 is brilliant, easily quicker than the iPhone’s resulting in great pictures when you need them fast. Selective focus also works great on the Galaxy S5, letting you pick where on the image you want to focus and blurring the rest — a feature the iPhone 5S does not have. The real-time HDR option was toted as a superior low-light function and works well to light up the picture, but they still seem a tad grainy compared to the iPhone 5s snaps.

Tough stuff
While Apple’s iPhone has a notorious reputation of easily being broken through water damage and dropping, the Galaxy S5 has a IP67 water and dust resistant rating, letting you drop your phone in the toilet without having to worry about water damage.

Having a phone that goes the distance is high up on the wish list of mobile owners. The S5 increases its battery life by 20 per cent with a 2800mAh battery, where as the iPhone 5s is packing only a 1570mAh battery. The Galaxy also now comes with an Ultra Power Saving mode, which limits our phone’s functions and turns the screen black and white.

Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is a huge improvement over previous versions, losing the childish cartoon design in favour of a more modern and sleek look, matching the attractiveness of iOS 7.

Witness the fitness
The new S-Health app combined with the heart rate sensor gives the Galaxy S5 a big advantage in fitness tracking, something that seems to have become very important to consumers lately.

For many, regardless of new features it’s the cost that will sway the decision. The Galaxy S5 is expected to come in cheaper at an estimated $700 (handset only) as opposed to the iPhone 5s starting price of $869.
Looking at all these new features, daylight is getting ever slimmer between the two. While the Galaxy S5 has disappointed some by arrive without revolutionary new looks, the basics get a beef up, which is important. The iPhone is still the premium option and we wait to see what Apple does with an iPhone 6 launch no doubt coming this year.

The Galaxy S5 is set for an April release date, but we will have our hands on the Galaxy S5 again for a full review as soon as a device hits Australian shores.


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