Monday, July 8, 2013

Full Moon Party 2013. The last moon

As I am writing this, I'm rather kinda sad but hopeful at the same time..

I was involved with some of the previous Full Moon Parties, and just recently I attended my last. "The white moon" - it was held at the beautiful posh Mansion 69 Batu Ferringhi, Penang.
It was created for the sole purpose to celebrate the memories of the beautiful late Elizabeth Cheang Pheng Pheng, someone whom had a special place in my heart in terms of colleagues and work mates (which I have considered to be like "war partners" in terms of fighting for sales and for the company - while I was there). A status truly to be esteemed in a high position as for my standard of network.

Everyone wasn't really in a party mood, but this late friend of mine, she really LOVED to party! As I recall, and accounting for what her friends had said, Eli had never really miss any big rave in Malaysia, and will travel up and down to even KL and Singapore to attend rave parties!

Despite her party lifestyle, She was really a good girl. "A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart". She Always had a smile for everyone. 

So here are some pictures taken during the party. I had tried my best to capture all the happenings, proceedings and emotions of the event. Hope everyone enjoys it!

During the front part of the party, white balloons were released with individual messages in hopes to reach our friend above

All her beloved friends were there, it was bittersweet moment for everyone. To gather together to remember a friend and a final farewell in a party scene.

Little Bill is just so cute!

And up goes the balloons with messages to reach to the person above

Everyone is gathering to listen to good things that people have to say about this beautiful lady with an even more beautiful soul.

Renaldo Scully was there to sing his version of "Dont you worry Child", a cover by The Swedish House Mafia - a song that I just discovered was one of her favorites!

Everyone had something nice today, whether near nor far, their voices was present during that time

Darsha Logan gave a very powerful session. Coming from a best friend, she really touched the hearts of the people

To the designer who drew this: great work!

Memorable times

This was the shirt for the night, it was to celebrate the life of dear Elizabeth Cheang. Everyone wore the shirt in support of this.

All in all, It was truly memorable and I cannot think of a better way to send of a loved one in a way that was so fitting to her heart. All her favorite people were there, her favorite scene, her favorite music and her favorite activities. 
Everyone was deeply touched. We all said what we had to say with the given opportunity on the stage. Kudos! to the organizers who were so brave and dedicated to do this.
Truly, Elizabeth: "Don't you worry child, heavens got a plan for you"
we will all miss you and please pray for us up there, ok? :)


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    1. Thanks Jesus! were u there?
      (I must admit, its kinda awkward for me to address you as "Jesus" and relating on a topic of parties) haha - very cool :)


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