Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An evening at QE2 and TRIMIX @ Penang

Imagine way way way back! haha!

Hello Penang Pointers,

So guess what happen on the 5th day of CNY? We went out to party with Trimix at QE2 !!
QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2) is a chic place to go clubbing!
Imagine trimix hitting their trance track while the party animals were fist pumping the whole night through! Whoa..what a russssshhh !!! 

The view was indeed beautiful, as it points out directly into the open seas of weld quay area. Nothing like a cold ice tiger beer to go accompanied with such splendid atmosphere!

The place was pretty packed!
I was particularly fond of the bar! With the table top filled with alcoholic beverages, the servers was very courteous to our thirst needs and worked as fast as they could to satisfy that hunger for more!

man, was the crowd C-R-A-Z-Y!
Look! Who's up there? It's Trimix!!! My all time fav DJ group! 

Blast from the past! Met a friend there, so apparently she also turns out to be a clubbing kaki too! She asked me, "Mike, why dont i see you at clubs?" I replied "Oh, I'm one in a blue moon clubber" haha!
It's true! I hardly go clubbing anymore...maybe i;m passing that stage when maturity of age kicks in and the once upon a time "exciting" places seems too loud and rowdy.. 
Well..anyways.. :P 
Oh look! Dj's in the house!
Put cho hand's up!

Caught up with Dj Ramsey Westwood! Didnt get to hear him spin tho, because I was fashionably late (as usual) - but then again, was glad to see him around!
This dude was rockin it!

Caught up with Bill! a course mate of mine from KDU Penang!
Also got the chance to catch up with Jessica Tan, one of my other good friend and famous blogger in Malaysia! Got to meet her hot friend on the right too ^^
When there was too much party, a pretty serene scene always seems to lights up my mood
My brothers! Well not all of them could make it but we had a blast anyway! Awesome times :)
Awesome Jessica Tan! Check out her blog at http://thejessicat.com/

Trimix on the deck! Let me say it again...... Trimixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!! Love their tracks! <3

I super love this picture!! It's got everyone here!

All in all, we really had a great time! Thanks to Trimix, QE2 and awesome friends! Looking forward to the next upcoming event!

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