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WARNING: Consipracy behind missing flight MH370 - to be taken like "a pinch of salt" only

Alright Alright,
I have just stumbled across a very interesting post on prominent social media site: Facebook
It tells a tale of a conspiracy theory on the missing airplane / flight of MH370

I was really interested because conspiracy theories in such situations sometimes tells us more than what meets the eye.

These theory did not come from any sort of credible sources nor any identified me, this is just an opinion (whether lost or not, I can't say for sure). The allegations of the writer are just to humongous to be even comprehended or even to be suggested and overloaded to the extreme far fetched take on the may just a matter of personal opinion or suggestion.
To me, maybe he was drunk when he wrote this, or was he?
Anyway, my advise is to read it for interest only and to take this like a pinch of salt

It was originally written in Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu but I had also had it translated into English for easy reading

English Version

  1. 1.       Whether MAS confidentiality of conversations between intelligence distributions with the control tower to the government, the people of Malaysia and around the world? Why should we hide? Are we afraid because our security is too lax/ incompetent? Why after an hour more aircraft disappeared from the radar, but they are still communicating with the aircraft ? What were the content of their conversations?

    2.       Radar for commercial purposes is not as advanced as for military purposes… the radar jammer from the black market would be enough to " get rid " of aircraft from radar control at Subang Airport (Kuala Lumpur)

    3.       After " removing " the aircraft from the radar, the aircraft reverts to the destination distribution (destination: unsure/uncertain), the aircraft continued to hover in the air Malaysia, ie at the Titiwangsa Mountains for over an hour while still "negotiating" with control tower ..

    4.       Why can’t Malaysian defence ministry contact or communicate with the MH370 aircraft while hovering in the air around Titiwangsa Mountains? Because there we are air defence is the weakest there

    5.       “Negotiations” with the control tower failed after 2 hours... spy XXX disconnected with the control tower at Subang Airport ... XXX spy planes continue to fly to the location of distribution

    6.       I use the term "intelligence" as the hijacker is NOT a terrorist but a spy from the distribution ( between major world powers ) .. That’s why until now no plea and claims in the media .. all are in private talks between the world’s great leaders..

    7.       When the aircraft moves to the location distribution, the spies suddenly change lanes, and aircraft then flew to the direction of the Malacca strait , heading north ( Thailand ) .. Currently, Malaysia's air defence radar can detect the presence of foreign aircraft ( for air defense Malaysia in the Straits of Malacca is better on the east coast and the Main Range ) ..

    8.       But the defense ministry is still clueless about this hijacking, because the control tower DIDN’T ANNOUNCE THIS FINDINGS TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

    9.       The plane then heading straight to Thailand. Thailand learned and continue to inform the entire military , including air bases belonging to the American in Thailand ( secret location )

    10.   When the Thailand was trying to contact MAS, the intelligence distribution tried to fool them by saying they were lost... American jet aircraft tried to intercept and shoot the plane , but the “spy” XXX tried to negotiate with America and Thailand

    11.   During negotiations in Nanning Malaysian government did not know about this .. but through national negotiations XXX, YYY , ZZZ , and perhaps some other countries

    12.   It was then MAS MH370 only informed the general public that the plane disappeared completely after the plane landed in Beijing confirmed no ( more 7am ) .. why very slow MAS want to confirm ? You think this is a play-play thing?

    13.   During the time that the government and the whole world came to knowledge about this, Malaysia was so shocked by this news .. due to lack of information from the MAS (aircraft suddenly lost , nothing is any indication ) the government was slow on the Search and Rescue (SAR)..

    14.   I am not sure how long the leaders of Malaysia was told of the truth by the countries “XXX, YYY and ZZZ” .. DS Najib only given instructions from the XXX, YYY , and ZZZ to collect the victim's family , look there , look here , do then do this .. but it seems now that they are informed ..

    15.   NOTHING HAPPENED IN SOUTH CHINA SEA .. no .. all the so-called discovery of debris , oil patch , navy claim from XYZ country supposedly have met is dead etc. ..... I'm not sure and not afraid to make assumptions sure .. all these superpower countries have already send their military fleet in the area where the plane supposedly crashed

    16.   Malaysia and other countries that "do not know anything " are continuing their search for the missing airplane MH370 .. just noticed they have the effect of foreign aircraft in the Straits of Malacca (presumably when I (author that wrote this article) reminded them of it  hahahaha ) then they continue to search the Malacca strait , because assuming they last that is where the aircraft was tracked Malaysia

    17.   When the American jet almost intercept MAS in Thailand,  the spy/intelligence XXX negotiated with America to " let go" of the aircraft and inform the aircraft is a commercial aircraft that consist of 200 or more passengers

    18.   America agrees, this may be a weird on “why” the USA will be able to agree with XXX .. because it IS NOT TERRORIST intelligence but of XXX .. America informed of this incident to the distribution , and the distribution confirm it .. at first America demand the plane landed in Thailand , but had to accede to the demand distribution spies landed in Nanning Nanning .. why ? I do not want to elaborate more ..

    19.   To shorten the story, when it (MH370) landed in Nanning, the landing should be kept secret, but leaked also by some airport officials are not notified in advance of an emergency landing as well as the arrangements .. SECRET MISSION story eventually landing in Nanning successful MH370 distorted as a hoax

    20.   Any contents on the negotiations? Was it to avoid THIRD WORLD WAR??

    21.   During the negotiations, the distribution has threatened to launch a third world war if their mission was leaked .. the YYY , ZZZ and some other countries ( I believe Malaysia is not involved in the negotiations ) have agreed

    22.   So, what is the purpose of the aircraft hijack? Actually hijack the only backup plan if the identity of XXX and operations he successfully tracked by spies from other countries that also are in the airplane... yesterday I have exposed one of the YA3189197 spy passport number, passport owner 's name is Luigi Miraldi , but found this passport is stolen passport ( country so fast they cover story )

    23.   I read the news from china , in which the family members tried to call the mobile phone one of the passengers of the aircraft, and successful , but not lifted or he answered .. yes, indeed la , because the state distribution forgot to turn off their handphones/ handsets after the hijack. .

    24.   ( just my imagination ) - At first, negotiators strive to find a way to cover the story for the benefit of the spoils ... They try to bring immediate family members of passengers to negotiate in a secret place (probably in Nanning ) .. among others , passengers involved may have faked their deaths, and negotiators will try to make as if the plane really crashed , but many times it backfired .. many times they had to take their statements back ..

    25.   God willing, together we pray that they all still live. This is obviously seems like a hijack case. Ukraine is currently on war status with Russia. In the plane, there were 2  Ukrainian , Russian An influential Chinese is needed by Russia.... There are some interesting aspects of the issues arising viewed MH370 . ..
    a.       2 passports that were lost were high profile soldier / military type.
    b.      4 persons from China are in expertise and biological chemistry expert in aircraft.
    c.       27 Malaysians on board the aircraft are working for Motorola and are communication experts.
    d.      Boeing 777 before heading to Beijing recently just returned from Pakistan.
    e.      The passport of the 2 persons that are missing is not reported on the Interpol.
    f.        All major countries have provided assistance except Russia.
    g.       Boeing 777 can fly more than 11 hours and can be reach other countries because it is travelling at night (less traffic)...
    h.      The ID of Patrik Gomez should be studied with more detail.
    i.         MH 370 has already been hijack for if it has crashed, signal can still be detected within depth of 3km in the sea
    j.        4 persons from china are billionaires are on the flight .

Bahasa Malaysia/ Melayu Version

1) adakah MAS merahsiakan perbualan antara perisik XXX dengan menara kawalan kepada kerajaan, rakyat malaysia dan seluruh dunia? kenapa nak rahsiakan?? adakah takut sebab kawalan keselamatan terlalu longgar? kenapa setelah sejam lebih pesawat hilang dari radar, tapi mereka masih lagi berkomunikasi dengan pesawat?? apa isi perbualan mereka??

2) radar untuk tujuan komersial tidak secanggih seperti untuk tujuan ketenteraan.. maka radar jammer dari pasar gelap sudah memadai untuk "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar di menar kawalan subang

3) setelah "menghilangkan" pesawat dari radar, pesawat patah balik untuk ke destinasi XXX (destinasi ini saya tidak pasti di mana), pesawat terus berlegar di ruang udara malaysia, iaitu di kawasan banjaran titiwangsa selama sejam lebih sambil masih lagi "berunding" dengan menara kawalan..

4) kenapa pertahanan malaysia tidak dapat kesan pesawat itu ketika berlegar di udara banjaran titiwangsa? kerana di situ pertahanan udara kita paling lemah..

5) rundingan dengan menara kawalan gagal setelah 2 jam lebih.. perisik XXX putuskan hubungan dengan menara kawalan di subang.. perisik XXX terus menerbangkan pesawat ke lokasi XXX

6) saya gunakan istilah "perisik" kerana hijacker ini bukannya pengganas, tapi seorang perisik dari negara XXX (antara kuasa besar dunia).. sebab itulah sehingga sekarang tiada pengakuan dan tuntutan di media massa.. semua rundingan adalah secara tertutup antara pemimpin negara kuasa besar..

7) ketika pesawat bergerak ke lokasi XXX, perisik tiba-tiba menukar laluan, dan pesawat didapati terbang di selat melaka, menuju ke utara (thailand).. ketika ini, radar pertahanan udara malaysia dapat mengesan kehadiran pesawat asing ini (kerana pertahanan udara malaysia di selat melaka adalah lebih baik dari di pantai timur dan banjaran titiwangsa)..

8) tetapi pihak pertahanan masih lagi clueless tentang rampasan ini, kerana pihak menara kawalan TIDAK PERNAH MEMAKLUMKAN KEPADA KERAJAAN DAN KEMENTERIAN PERTAHAAN

9) pesawat terus menuju ke thailand.. thailand dapat tahu dan terus memaklumkan kepada seluruh ketenteraan mereka, termasuk pangkalan udara milik amerika di thailand (lokasi rahsia)

10) ketika pihak thailand cuba menghubungi pesawat MAS tersebut, perisik XXX cuba menipu dengan mengatakan pesawat mereka tersesat..jet amerika cuba intercept dan tembak pesawat, tetapi perisik XXX cuba berunding dengan amerika dn thailand

11) ketika rundingan di nanning, kerajaan malaysia TIDAK TAHU MENAHU pasal ini.. rundingan hanyalah melalui negara XXX, YYY, ZZZ dan mungkin beberapa negara lain

12) pihak MAS baru maklumkan kepada umum pesawat MH370 hilang setelah benar-benar pesawat itu disahkan tidak mendarat di beijing (jam 7 pagi lebih).. kenapa lambat sangat nak sahkan MAS?? kamu ingat perampas itu main-main ke??

13) ketika ini barulah kerajaan malaysia maklum dan seluruh dunia gempar dengan berita ini.. akibat kurangnya maklumat dari pihak MAS (pesawat tiba-tiba hilang, tak ada sebarang petanda) maka kerajaan mulakan SAR agak lambat..

14) saya tidak pasti sampai bila baru pemimpin negara malaysia dimaklumkan perkara sebenar oleh negara XXX,YYY dan ZZZ.. DS Najib cuma mengikut arahaan dari negara XXX, YYY, dan ZZZ untuk kumpul keluarga mangsa, cari di situ, cari di sini, buat itu buat ini.. tapi rasanya sekarang mereka sudah dimaklumkan..

15)TIADA APA-APA YANG BERLAKU DI LAUT CINA SELATAN.. tiada.. semua penemuan kononnya debris, tompokan minyak, claim dari navy negara XYZ kononnya dah jumpa bangkai dll adalah..... saya tidak pasti dan tidak berani nak buat andaian.. yang pasti negara2 kuasa besar dah hantar armada ketenteraan mereka di kawasan yang kononnya tempat pesawat terhempas

16) malaysia serta negara lain yang "tak tahu apa-apa" meneruskan usaha mencari.. ketenteraan kita BARU PERASAN mereka pernah kesan satu pesawat asing di selat melaka (adakah saya yang ingatkan mereka hahahaha) maka mereka terus membuat pencarian di selat melaka, kerana andaian mereka di situlah kali terakhir malaysia mengesan pesawat itu

17) ketika jet amerika hampir memintas pesawat MAS di thailand, perisik XXX berunding dengan negara amerika agar "melepaskan" pesawat itu dan memaklumkan pesawat itu adalah pesawat komersial dan mengandugi 200 lebih penumpang 19) amerika bersetuju, mungkin ada yang pelik mengapa USA boleh bersetuju dengan mudah.. ini kerana perisik itu BUKANNYA PENGGANAS tetapi dari negara XXX.. pihak amerika memaklumkan kejadian ini kepada negara XXX, dan negara XXX mengesahkannya..pada mulanya amerika demand pesawat itu mendarat di thailand, tetapi akhirnya terpaksa akur permintaan perisik XXX untuk mendarat di nanning.. kenapa nanning?? saya belum mahu hurai lebih lanjut..

18) dipendekkan cerita, ketika mendarat di nanning, sepatutnya pendaratan MH370 di nanning dirahsiakan, tetapi terbocor juga oleh beberapa orang pegawai lapangan terbang yang tidak dimaklumkan terlebih dahulu tentang pendaratan cemas ini serta MISI RAHSIA negara XXX.. akhirnya cerita pendaratan pesawat MH370 di nanning berjaya diputarbelitkan sebagai hoax

19) apa isi rundingan?? mengelakkan PERANG DUNIA KETIGA

20) ketika rundingan, negara XXX mengugut untuk melancarkan perang dunia ketiga seandainya misi mereka ini dibocorkan.. negara YYY, ZZZ dan beberapa negara lain (saya yakin malaysia tidak terlibat dalam rundingan ini) terpaksa bersetuju

21) jadi, apakah sebenarnya tujuan pesawat itu dihijack?? sebenarnya hijack itu hanyalah backup plan dari perisik XXX seandainya identiti dan operasi beliau berjaya dikesan oleh perisik dari negara lain yang turut sama berada di dalam pesawat tersebut.. semalam saya ada dedahkan salah satu nombor passport perisik iaitu YA3189197, nama pemilik passport ini ialah luigi miraldi, tetapi didapati passport ini adalah passport curi (cepat sungguh negara mereka tutup cerita)

22) saya ada terbaca berita dari china, di mana ahli keluarga cuba hubungi telefon bimbit salah seorang penumpang pesawat, dan berjaya, tetapi tidak diangkat atau disahut.. ya, memang la, sebab pihak negara XXX lupa nak off henset mamat tu setelah dirampas..

23) (imaginasi saya sahaja) - pada mulanya, pihak yang berunding berusaha untuk cari jalan untuk tutup cerita rampasan ini untuk kepentingan bersama.. mereka cuba membawa ahli keluarga terdekat penumpang untuk berunding di satu tempat rahsia (kemungkinan di nanning).. antaranya, mungkin penumpang yang terlibat terpaksa dipalsukan kematian mereka, dan pihak yang berunding akan cuba untuk membuat seolah-olah pesawat itu benar-benar telah terhempas, tetapi banyak kali kantoi.. banyak kali mereka terpaksa trik balik statement..

24) insyaAllah, sama-sama kita doakan mereka semua masih hidup Mmg dr awal kes hijack Sebab Ukraine dgn Russia tgh berperang Dlm pesawat tu ada 2 org Ukraine, seorg Russian Pengaruh cina dperlukan russia TERKINI ... Ada beberapa aspek berbangkit dlm isu MH370 ... 1) 2 pasport hilang berprofile tinggi dlm bidang askar/ ketenteraan. 2) 4 org China yg mempunyai kepakaran dlm bidang kimia and biologi expert di dalam pesawat. 3) 27 anak Malaysia yg berada di dalam pesawat adalah dari syarikat motorola yg expert dlm it and communication. 4) Boeing 777 sebelum bertolak ke beijing baru kembali dari Pakistan. 5) Pasport 2 org yg hilang tidak di report pada interpol. 6) Semua negara besar telah menghulurkan bantuan kecuali Russia. 7) Boeing 777 boleh terbang lebih dari 11 jam dan boleh sampai di negara lain kerana perjalanan 777 adalah pada waktu malam yg tidak dpt dijangkau ... 8) ID Patrik Gomez perlu dikaji dgn lebih terperinci. 9) MH 370 telah pun dihijack kerana laut sedalam 3km jika crash signal dca masih dapat dikesan. 10) 4 Bilionair China berada di dalam flight tersebut.


So what do you think? Don't ever trust all sources but do your own research
credible sources don't tell of this tale, and if they did it would surely cause mass panic and chaos
anyway, just keep this situation in your prayer and thoughts. Pray for the loved ones who's family members and friends who are still yet to be located

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