Monday, March 3, 2014

Penang: Apply for licence or pay RM100 fine, dog owners told

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DOG owners in Penang must now apply for a licence for their pets or face a RM100 fine. 

Penang Municipal Council public health and licensing alternate chairman Ong Ah Teong said it was an existing by-law (Dogs) Penang Municipal Council 1977 but the council was only enforcing it now.
“Previously it was an open compound without a fixed amount (no amount was stated but the amount cannot exceed RM250) but the council’s legal advisors and various relevant department heads agreed to set the fine at RM100. 

“Dog owners will be fined that amount if their pets are found without a badge on their collars. The licence fee is only RM10 which must be paid annually,” he told reporters after a full council meeting at the City Hall yesterday. 

Ong added that enforcement would be effective yesterday and would be carried out by the council’s veterinary unit officers. 

On Sunday, a retiree received 28 stitches for injuries to her head, arm and thigh after she was attacked by a neighbour’s dog. 

The canine pounced on Badriah Hanani Abu Bakar, 53, and sunk its teeth into her thigh, ripping off part of her pants. She then fell to the ground and hit her head hard, causing profuse bleeding.
The dog, which allegedly bolted out of the house when the gates were opened, went on to bite her before the owner rushed out to grab it.


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