Friday, October 18, 2013

Tok Tok Cusine - another good Thai food!


Is anyone craving for good Thai food? Yes I am sure you are! But what about a cozy environment to chill and to relax over the evening or even during the night time?

I found an awesome place! It's over at perkaka square (gelugor area) at Penang. Here are some pictures I took during my short lunch visit.

I heard they are going to expand their shop very soon!
The shop is tastefully designed with antique furnishing and also it gives us the heritage and "chic" feeling!
I especially loved the bicycle in the shop! Very "Penang feel" haha! 

So head on down to tok-tok cuisine for some delicious Thai food, cake and ice cold beverages now!

*YMCA members get special promotion in price discount upon showing of card

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See ya ;)


  1. Thanks for coming and glad you love the place! :)

  2. Ah very much welcome!
    Looking forward to another visit there soon!


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