Sunday, May 5, 2013


Dear Penang Pointers,

I'm really so sorry i haven't been actively updating my blog as I should
I had been really busy and election is just around the corner...
I meant, really around the corner as in today! 
Here in Malaysia, I have never ever...and I mean NEVER EVER seen Malaysian's so united!
The spirit of unity and oneness is so strong

When you stand amongst the crowd in the ceramah's - it is so intense with emotions and you will just be overcomed by emotions! 
I have never parked so far and walked to a talk all my life, and i have never seen people honking at me and cheering me on, as i walk to my destination place

I have never been so happy and joyful!
This is the true spirit of Malaysia's Malaysian!!

Don't just look on at medias and especially those mainstream channels.
Get on the road and start walking to get the feel of it! 

Change is just around the corner!
Hidup Malaysia!! Peace to everyone! and God bless you~! (No matter who you are or who you may support)

#GE13 #Penang #Malaysia #inikalilah 

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