Friday, December 21, 2012

YMCA Penang: wants you!



This is an open invitation to anyone that wants to have a chance to link up or partner with the Ymca Penang to conduct projects for the community..
It may not be for the general community but even for your social groups...

Please PM me your ideas and see if we can partner with you. I am arranging a few programs myself...

Do let me know as we are submitting our budget for 2013 soon :)

Here are some ideas:
Music Band performances/ cattle of the bands/ competition - drums, guitar, solos, song writing/ composing
Dance (K-Pop, Hip-hop, Salsa, Modern)
Painting, Art, open canvass
Sports: Badminton, Dodge ball, Basket Ball,
Holiday Trips
Business opportunities (learning, classes)

We are already proposing a Christian song writing competition soon and also a dodgeball competition (as YMCA already emerge as champions for our last event)
We are even looking at finding talents for photography and model shoots

Welcome to all individuals, groups, events companies, talents, ect...
come and grow your talents with us!
Doesn't matter if your not a YMCA Pg member, (but if you are better)

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