Monday, April 9, 2012

Xuan Xin Steamboat Restaurant, Tanjung Tokong

Hoi Penang Pointers, Let me share with you another good restaurant for's Xuan Xin restaurant at Tanjung Bungah (beside Hong Kong Hotel and Dorae Korean food).


This place serves steamboat, very nice steamboat. This restaurant offers its customers a widespread serving of food, including dumplings, mushrooms, assorted seafood (fish, cuttlefish, crab & ect...) noodles and even meat you can choose from. But before that, patrons will get to make a personal choice of up to 2 types of soup. The unique thing about this place is that "broth/ porridge" is also included as one of the choices you can make in the soup menu!



Here is the sample of the menu that which you can order from.

Good thing about this place, it's not Iike the conventional steamboat cum d.i.y BBQ on your table. Here you get tepanyaki style services from a counter inside the restaurant. They are friendly and helpful. Just take your pick off the buffett spread of raw food, and pass it to them for professional frying!

Alright, that's all for now, hope you enjoyed your meal, I know I did!


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