Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prangin Mall, Penang

Okay today I am going to show you about Prangin Mall, Penang! Prangin Mall is the place to go if you are looking for various special and unique tools and gadgets that you can't get at other malls in Penang.

There are various shops for:-
1. IT (Internet Technology)
2. Clothings & accessories (street wear, sports, utilities)
3. Food (local delights, tidbits, Asian food)
4. Cinema (airing local and international films)
5. Ect....

Fashion for sale @ Prangin Mall!

Check out these street wear, for especially the younger generation! Attractive prices with latest street wear fashion
Here's something for the guys!

"Genaration Y" is in the house! Most of the customers here go for the K-pop or J-pop look!
(and here's something for the ladies)

Okay now let's check out some accessories!
(Cheap and good eh? Good for birthday presents for highschoolers 😁)
Well if you were to walk around some more, there are tons of other things you can find!
This time I didn't manage to stroll down the I.T section, but let's leave that for another time and place...and oh! They even dedicated the ground floor for mobile phone sales and services! Look at all those kiosk!
Wow, I guess I didn't have the chance to complain that i cannot get and food or drinks around here when i feel thirsty or hungry because there are just shops after shops, everywhere! (for those who are new to Penang or just haven't been here for a while, or even the local people...if you like asam asam, there are shops awaiting your arrival to purchase their goodies! )
Well, that's all for now! Till my next post...Good Bye for now! 🍺✌

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