Sunday, November 9, 2014

SOLVED FIX: Video on loading/ streaming/ playing on facebook (fB) when browsing on only Mozilla Firefox

Hey guys!

So I had a problem that was really bugging me lately! My Mozilla Firefox just couldn't play any video from Facebook (fB) ! It worked on youtube and other sites but the problem just persisted on only Facebook!

I checked out my Google Chrome and the video worked fine (because Chrome has an in-built flash plug in), I could easily stream through Facebook videos using my Google Chrome browser but it didn't work on my Mozilla Firefox browser! Fed up and frustrated, I continuously browse the net for days after days and still couldn't find any single effective solution to solve and permanently fix this nagging problem (imagine the title "the most amazingly cute cat in the world" video appears on my news feed and I cant even play it! Oh, the torment!). I had tried to cleanly uninstall and reinstall my Mozilla Firefox, did the same thing with my Real Player and also my Flash player (Shockwave and Adobe) but the issue stubbornly persisted!

So I Googled:
Flash player not working on facebook
Mozilla Firefox not playing facebook videos 
Videos not loading on facebook
Cannot adjust load space on flash settings on facebook 
My fb videos dont load/ work! 
fb vidoes now streaming, black black screen appears 
problems/ issues with flash, black screen on facebook for videos
Please help me God!!!, my flash is not working on facebook!

and no good effective answer appeared...

After days dragging to weeks trying to fix this damn thing....This fix FINALLY worked for me!!
Heres the article below with effective steps


"I don't have Win7 but should not matter which windows you have.  Location and values for this *STUPID* top secret config file I am about to refer to should be the same for any version Windows.

In fact, after reviewing your issue again, you might simply be victum of corrupted 'settings.sol' file.  If that is the case you might try using only the first 2 steps in my hack instructions.  After you complete step #2, just delete the 'settings.sol' file, restart your browser, go run a Flash video and Flash Player will see the config file is missing so it will create a nice clean virgin copy from scratch.  Can't hurt to try.

Now what I was about to suggest at first, if you have a slight understanding of hex code and want make permanent adjustment to the default setting then try following my hack, step 1 all the way through to step #6.  Working really great for me.  Not totally hating the app and cursing the programmer every time I use it now."

This was the key word:

How to resolve problems with Flash Player Settings; either unable to change anything on the Settings panel, or new settings won't save:

Follow these steps carefully
  1. Close all browser windows
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. In the address bar type %appdata%\Adobe
  4. Delete the 'Flash Player' folder in there
  5. In the address bar type %appdata%\Macromedia
  6. Delete the 'Flash Player' folder in there\

Vol-la-la-la-la! Facebook videos starts playing again! Problem finally effectively solved!!! I can now watch my "amazing drum solos" and "TED talks" and sleep soundly again!

I am re-posting and sharing this to save the trouble and solve the problems of the millions who are also as fed-up and frustrated about this issue too! Finding this solution was like a needle in a haystack!  I hope this Penangnite here has helped you out :)

thanks a million to the source, you da bestest:

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