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Teluk Kumbar: good Friend Seafood (Hao Yu)

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the silence, I am reallllllllyyyy buy theses days because of #yy13 !

But I want to share my experience with you at the Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant (Hau Yu) in Chinese.
It is located at the south end of Penang,Teluk Kumbar, near the beach area. (Way pass the air port and on the way to Balik Pulau)
That means, you have to drive until you see the Teluk Kumbar Chinese primary School (Yang Cheng) and then there is an old building directly opposite it. This building is the "yellow bus" station and now it is not functioning anymore. 

There is a project housing development now besides it done by a developer, but to enter the place, you just need to go behind the old bus station building, and there it is! (Ignore how deserted the place looks, there are so much cars and parking inside!) Car Parking is FREE of charge, (as long as I remember)

This is place is really great, if your looking for good food, seafood in fact - fresh, juicy and delicious !!!

Here are some of the pictures that I had taken 


I've got a rumbling in my tummy! (Well, for those who don't know, that's kinda normal for me - as i LOVE food!) I look at all these workers busy preparing food for us, and they seem so fast and efficient! I think I waited not more then 20 minutes for the food to arrive!! 

So, what did we order?

Satay!! A must try!
This particular satay stall is one of the main attraction here. It is famous as a side dish and being priced at RM0.80 per stick, its really good and juicy!! It doesnt come with any satay sauce tho. But the stick is marinated juicy enough that its a burst of meaty flavor once you taste it!

The waiter busy attending to the hungry crowd
There are usually so many people here, but lucky us! Being smart enough to make our grand entrance at 9pm, we managed to get ourselves in a good position of excellent service and fast food!
These are the "Kappa" shell fish. Its very tasty! I usually order this with soup! They cook it in herbal soup that I just simply cannot resist!....hmmmm...I guess maybe i'll just show you in my next pictures!
So fresh and alive!
Another type of shell fish. This one is called...well I kinda forgot, so when i remember i'll update it! Taste so good!!
This one I know, this shellfish is called "lala". It is commonly found deep within the sands of Penang and locals love to come camping/picnic by the sea, and try to collect as many shellfish as possible for their meal! It's called "korek siput lala" !! lol!
Tho the night is late, still so crowded!
Sigh, while waiting for my food, I had decided to snap more pictures of the restaurant! It's really made a name for its self, so many patrons come here!
They call this the, goose? ermmm...no, thats not right...there is a special name for this sea creature...will think of its name when the hunger goes away!
Cockels! The "ham" they put in your "Char Koay Teow" !
Uncle choosing the best crab for our table! (well I hope), lol! Well, im kidding...we didnt have crab this round, maybe the next :D 
*Wonders which lucky table got this?*

Showing off his catch!
Haha, the crab tried to run! But uncles grip is firm !
Kitchen Work
The workers are busy cooking and preparing our meal. I tell you, its really magical!! The way the work, so systematic and happy! I love to eat from a joyful cook! Makes me happy too!
Meanwhile at the table.....
Lol, everybody looks so hungry! I didnt really feel a thing, I got the photo excitement and butterflies in me! I guess time flies when your enjoying snapping photos and all :D

Looks like the tables are clearing off...

They had finally set our table

Oh look! A panoramic shot of the restaurant! I beleive i did 2 of these shots so you could have a full view and know what to expect! Well, if your already in Penang or have already visited this place, then let your imagination run wild with this picture that brings back a flood of memories :)
The Satay's arrived!
Yummy! Just look at that Satay! Tender, sweet and Juicy!! Comes with cool cucumber sets too!
Children playing by the soft sandy beach
Such a delight for the parents to relax, unwind and let their kids run free with their bare feet on solid smooth sand! The place is actually quite clean!
Okay, as you know....instagram comes before eating!
Yeah, we just love to instagram our food! If you have one, please feel free to add me @firekicks_
of if i have changed my name, its d_genaration_x@hotmail.com on my Facebook account! fB
Another shot of the restaurant
Ah, its beginning to be late and most people have cabut! More peace and quiet time for us!
Kappa Soup
THIS IS IT!! This is the"must try" Kappa soup!! I absolutely love this. Order BIG as you will be wanting summore!!
Comes with herbs and keichi which is good for the eyes!
It's really my personal choice and favorite! I have to order this! If my friends dont like it, well you know what they say. "less man, more share" is especially true for this case! ;)
Sambal Kangkung
Not really a fan of this dish, but my friend love it so...but its a nice addition to the dinner set :)
These are the MUST HAVE sides
Its a truth: I cant eat anything in satisfaction without chilly sauce! And here is the right combo! Sweet Chilly sauce with Chili padi (tiny ones) which are super hot, in light soy sauce! :D
Egg! "Foo Yong Tan"
The egg here is not bad! I mean, its like all normal scrambled eggs, but with the combination of the rest of the dished, a definite "good addition"!
Helicopter Shellfish
Ahhh, these are the shellfish that requires you to sorta "dig": them out with the given toothpick. It's really easy, given that its now soft and easy to remove. I have forgotten their name, so i'm naming them "Helicopter Shellfish". Because they dont even look like one...(Hey, don't blame me! Just me and my crazyyyyy imagination!)
Curry Fish: Sting Ray fish
Oh my goodness....just looking sat this bring the memory of its taste! I really didnt regret ordering this! It was just at the right volume of taste and the fish meat was plenty. Ray Fish are so nice to eat and easy on the peeling!
Special Sauce Chicken
In Penang, or Malaysia, what a meal without Chicken right? So here it is, we ordered this chicken that came with special sauce and didn't regret it at all! Nice and tasty!! It's a bit oily tho, so if you don't want much oil, you would have to inform the waiter first (I'm not sure if they can help you, but its worth a try)
Fried Sotong/ Calamari rings - Crunchy!!
The aftermath! I guess we basically wallop everything. It like the "seek and destroy" team! wahaha!! I'm so stuffed!! ( a needed diet is in order!~)

Well, I was just checking in on foursquare that time I guess....If you dont know, the specky guy in grey is me! The guy on the left is my cute friend Luffy! Im not sure what he did until his expression was like that. I guess he's always like that, its a norm for me now =.=
After Makan/ dinner!
The Youths today, young, bring, able and all take out handphone and gadgets after meals!
Someone sure is happy

Yup, to go on the mobile and take the pictures!
"Shall we have a group picture?" "NAH! Everyone's so lazy, next round maybe dude :) )

The crew behind the restaurant!
Still working hard!
Serving the beverages and cutting the veggies!

Enjoy your favorite ice cold beer here !
The receipt for our Drinks
Drinks was good! Here is a receipt of what we had ordered! Reasonable pricing I guess...tho, it had used to be cheaper back in the good o' days
The receipt for our food
All in all, the food came up to RM142, which is quite okay for such a good meal with seafood! i mean, it was really yummy, the the portion was big. The previous visit here wasnt that great, but this time around it was good! I guess the food production needs more Quality control (QC) and to maintain the quality and quantity of serving and food served!

Verdict: I'm coming back here again, when the crowd is less and the food maintains its quality. It;s very easy for famous restaurant owners like these to turn proud and arrogant. I hope this one still stays friendly and nice so I can come back here and recommend more friends here! 

Till then, stay tuned my friends!!

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