Monday, August 27, 2012

Crepe Cottage, Gurney Drive, Penang

Hey guys!

I was really unsatisfied with the night pictures, so I came here again to Gurney Drive to check out the little cottage that serves good pancakes and turns out it has a name! The cafe is called "Crepe Cottage" and it is located right on the day busy, night calm road of Gurney Drive!
Address @ 77A, Persiaran Gurney

The out look of Crepe Cottage - "the ultimate Pancake & Ice Cream Palor

Located next to the famous "Coffee Island"

Another view from the left of the cottage

Regular joggers along the stretch of Gurney Drive

A view from inside the cottage. There are about roughly 10 tables of various sizes inside the cottage. Outside, there are about 4 tables with can accommodate 4 persons.

Another view of the seating inside the cottage.

Oh look! Yummies for the sweet tooth!

The menu. This time I managed to grab some pictures of the's not full, but it would give you an idea of the items and also the prices.

Starters, soups and some others....

Sundaes!! Yes! Diet would have to wait another day...!

Some for the options offered....

A view from the seat outside!

My selected choice! The no.6 Peppermint twist 'n' shake (RM 8.50). Well, I'm crazy for pepper int so...

Crepe Cottage's operating hours are from 6.30 pm (evening) - 12 pm (midnight). They are open everyday expect on Tuesdays. For reservation, you can call Agnes at 019-448168

Mike Cheong


  1. I like thier hot apple crepe and mango crepe !! It is really good.


  2. Haha, thanks for sharing Long Wong! :)

  3. One of MUST try in Penang


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